Sign These Players

since this message board allows posters to "pop off" and make recommendations of who the team to sign i'm suggesting that the team should sign:

barry bonds
moises alou
the kid from star trek
marcus allen
daddy yankee.

and me

Spock/Leonard Nemoy for the DL...he'd get that Vulcan Death Grip on the RB's, and never get called...

chad johnson
randy moss
terrell owens

dont forget:
michael strahan.

I nominate the robot from Lost in Space as defencive coordinator. He would yell out DANGER! DANGER! whenever the other team got close to our goal.

Charlie Brown and Lucy. It would be nice to see Charlie Brown kick that ball just once.

Sign Joe Theisman, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly
no more screwing around

Terry Bradshaw black and gold forever.