Sign the Ron Lancaster Get Well Card at the Labour Day Game!

Hello Everyone:

The Ticats have a giant get well card for Ron Lancaster and they want as many fans to sign the card as possible.

The Ticats have asked myself and CFL Fans Fight Cancer to help out and organize volunteers for this.

The Ticats need 10 - 12 volunteers to gather attention to the card and get people to sign it as they come into Ivor Wynn before the Labour Day game.

They need us to be stationed at the gates of Ivor Wynne and get people to sign pieces of the card.
You would get to go into Ivor Wynne before the gates open and you would only have to stay at your gate until just before kickoff.

The pieces of the card would then be gathered and made into a giant card to be filmed for TSN and presented to Ron

If you want to help please email me at

It's during incredible times like this that people fighting cancer and their loved ones gain incredible strength from the gestures of others. So even if you don't volunteer please stop by and sign the card.

A member of the Tigertown-CFL Fans Fight Cancer Community.

surprised this isnt a sticky.

You all know that pieces of the card will be available for everyone to sign at each gate when they open.

Here's an inside scoop to avoid the rush. If the card is delivered to the Ticats on time by the manufacturer, a piece or two of it will be available for a limited time between 3:00 and 4:45 at the CFL Fans Fight Cancer tailgate party in Lot J, located at the tent!

Just look for the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Flags, avoid the rush and go over and sign it!

There will also be food available and a raffle going in support of Hamilton's Wellwood Cancer Support Centre building fund.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Hey Tigertown:

On behalf of the Ticats and CFL Fans Fight Cancer thankyou for making the Ron Lancaster card signing such an incredible success!

It's amazing how a few thousand signatures can lift the spirits!

Give'm hell Ron, Tigertown is behind you and your family!

Our team may have not won the game but the Tigertown community has proven once again we are winners!

Thanks Again!

Jare/Tigger and the other volunteers,

It's been the commitment and dedication you have all shown that makes me proud to be a member of Tigertown.