Sign that kicker

That Canadian kicker we drafted....Suisham (sp?) - anyway he just got released by Dallas.

Sign him to a 4-year deal NOW.....

I agree sign him and sign Kellet then have them compete in training camp and the better man wins and release the other guy or trade him. Kellet might not want to come back anyways cause he is a free agent.

If Kellett is healthy, I’m pretty comfortable with him. Suisham could be good, but the last thing we want is another rookie kicker to rely on. Didn’t work out too well with Sandro Sciortino (illness aside, of course).

It worked out with Lawrence Tines so I think the best thing is do what I said above. If Kellet beats him out fare and square I am comfortable with that also, but again he is a free agent and might not want to come back

I don't believe Tynes was a rookie when he came to Ottawa. I think he played at least a couple years in NFL Europe and/or the Arena league before coming to the CFL.

He did play for the Scottish Claymores for part of a season before signing with the Gades and went to the KC Chiefs training camp the year before that. Pretty much a rookie in my eyes.

Suisham had an awesome pre-season with Pittsburgh, but so did their regular guy i guess. I think he'd be a great kicker here. Kellet had a good season kicking FG's, but his kickoff's are horrible. He barely gets it past their 30-yard line. :shock:

What's wrong with rookie kickers. Deangelis is a really good rookie kicker! Also, Suisham played a game in the NFL, I think he's got enough talent to play with us!

Get rid of Kellett.

once kellett's vision problems cleared up, he was actually pretty good. bring in suisham and let them have a competition in training camp.

I hear that Zenon Andrusyshyn might be available, you never know, they might have him and Hank Illisec compete for this job.

Gades , make sure to remind Gooberman and Forrest Gump to invite Dave Cutler and Bernie Ruoff, too.

I agree SR2121 - more competition is always good, and Sandro never played in the NFL to my knowledge, gades1979.
I think I watched Suisham kick for the Cowboys and he was good.
Regardless if Matt comes back- I say Lonie - there are no restrictions on signing that guy- show the fans you are GOING FOR IT NEXT YEAR AND SIGN HIM TODAY!!!!

you're a funny guy ORR.