Sign Setta ASAP!

Whats wrong with this team sign him ASAP$$

Not going to happen will end up south or somewhere else..
I want him back but just see people paying big Bucks for him..

the cats should have locked him up at the end of last year

i too see him going south as a punter

there is no denying his 47 yrds + per punt will attract some attendtion

if we don’t sign him, this is one area where we will struggle next year. Look at Winnipeg, they have had terrible kicking for the past few years!

They Tired he did not want to sign longer

My mistake. The issue is probably money then. He could get 1/2 mill in the USA vs 125,000 here.

Nick said to CHCH in spring training that he liked it here and wanted to stay here, but no one has talked to him yet. (I saw this on CHCH news). Then the next thing that I saw on this subject was Obie a month later saying he would START to talk to Setta when he comes back from the states ( East/West game )
He should of been priority one to sign in training camp.

Perhaps Setta doesn't want to sign with the Cats. NFL his #1 priority.

Can't blame the guy for trying the NFL.

Let's just hope if things don't work out for him that he doesn't O'Shea us.

If he don't He well .. Toronto needs a Kicker bad or He end up in the Peg..
I just don't see him back I hope I am wrong I really like Nick

They should lock him up ASAP, who is the alternative? That's a scary thought...losing Setta!

I'm a fan of Setta, but I recall the competition between him and Mark Meyers was very close when they were brought in to battle for the job.

It was Mark was little better Field Goal Kicker.
But was not as Good on Kickoffs and Punts IMO

The Cats were probably TIRED of TRYING to sign Setta! Haha...