Sign Senator Larry Campbell's Protect the CFL Bill

To: Senate of Canada

We, the undersigned, support the passing of Senator Larry Campbell's bill S-238: An Act Respecting Canadian Professional Football [url][/yrl]

As fans and other stakeholders of the Canadian Football League (CFL), we are concerned about the social and economic consequences of the expansion of foreign football leagues into Canada. We recognize the rich history and tradition of the CFL and are invested in ensuring the league's long-term sustainability. We feel the provisions outlined in Senator Campbell's proposed act support the sustainability of the CFL. By signing this petition, we are stating our endorsement of bill S-238.


I signed it

Thanks LotJTailgater,

For posting the link.
Signed it also.

Signed it too

Nope…I won’t sign that.

Thanks for the choice to sign or not to sign though. That’s the important thing.


I signed it!!

that's funny, my McAfee threat management software lists that site as a restricted "phishing" site.

I guess I won't be signing that.

I post a Link to this on BGR as well
Something Every CFL Fan Should Support IMO

It was with great pleasure that I signed the petition.
Paul Godfrey is one of Canada's biggest supporters of the NFL in this country. I believe if he agrees so strongly than he should give back his Order of Canada as he is attempting to destroy a great Canadian instituation.
What a coincidence that Rogers is bringing the Buffalo Bills to Toronto and Mr. Godfrey is employed by Rogers.

The NFL doesnt take Canada serious so it would be funny seeing thier face after Senator Campbell sends them a fine. :wink: