Sign Senator Larry Campbell's CFL Bill

To: Senate of Canada

We, the undersigned, support the passing of Senator Larry Campbell's bill S-238: An Act Respecting Canadian Professional Football

As fans and other stakeholders of the Canadian Football League (CFL), we are concerned about the social and economic consequences of the expansion of foreign football leagues into Canada. We recognize the rich history and tradition of the CFL and are invested in ensuring the league's long-term sustainability. We feel the provisions outlined in Senator Campbell's proposed act support the sustainability of the CFL. By signing this petition, we are stating our endorsement of bill S-238.


The Undersigned

Thanks for the link. I added my name.


Larry Campbell, Bob Ackles and Chicken Little should all go for a long walk on a short pier.

berezin I am surprised you would say that?

Great article series in the Hamilton Spec..

Great article in the Hamilton Spectator?
To me its more of the same old same old.
This Milton guy never has anything good to say about the cFL whenever I read his articles.
And this guy covers the CFL? Looks more to me like he's bucking for a job to cover Tranna's NFL team.

I thought this article was pretty fair, and not full of the slanted "anonymous league sources" conjecture the Toronto papers usually spout.