Sign Jones

I think the Bombers are in desperate need of a QB. Why not take a chance on Khari Jones again. What do you have to lose? :?

.......oh, 'bout $200 grand.........

I agree with backoff. Plus, he should sign for cheep considering he's just coming off being a 3rd string qb and he's been off for a few weeks getting zero pay.

lol so true..

As much as I liked KJ, I disliked his bounce pass to the wide side of the field. We need to develop the QBs we have AND our receivers have to stop getting stage fright ever time the ball is thrown in their area.
For all times the ball gets dropped, we should move to a tight end set. At least then the QB may have sometime to actually make a play instead of running for his life.

I disagree with the o-line we got in there it doesn’t matter who the quarter back he’s going to get a shalacking.

I think that Winnipeg and KJ are going to have to kiss and make up befor that happens cuz they hate eachother, but I'd accept him with open arms!!!

I would never accept him, even if he was wearing a Blue Bomber jersey I would continue to boo him with everrything I have. I just could never stand his excuses and failed attempts to do his job.

Some of you guys just don't get it. Why was Jones so effective before? He had an all-star cast around him. I mean good lord, I couldn't even imagine what would happen to him playing behind our current offensive line. I don't want him to play here more out of concern for his health and well-being rather than because I don't think he's a great QB/athlete. Tee was sacked 6 times last game and he's a good, agile runner. If Jones were playing last game I can't help but think the sack total would've hit double digits. He would've contributed generously to that food bank TSN has. The QB's we have now are much better and have far greater potential than an aging, banged up Khari Jones. Let it go boys....let it go....

You hit it dead on Brew. When he was MVP in 2001 he had the best receiving crop in the CFL.

The same thing can be said about every quarterback... the QB is only as good as the recievers he has... even the best Qb's need guys who can run the right route and catch the ball and if they can't do that... the qb won't get anything done.

In any case... i have a question for Bomber fans. I'm from Vancouver and a big Lions fan....insert pause here to allow for the booing to die down.. I'm just wondering if there was some sort of falling out between the club and Wynn. If i'm not mistaken the bombers gave us a 1st round pick for him and yet put in a newbie to the league instead of a guy that at least has some exeriance. Wynn did good when called upon last season and i'm sure if given the chance might help to pull off a few wins.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree Chronic, I was always impressed with Wynn out on the Left Coast too. Word has it though that the Bomber brass want to use him as leverage to get a decent Canadian O lineman/receiver/DB. Lord knows we need them all, and with four quarterbacks brimming with potential, the club feels they can let at least one go. Personally I’d like to see what he can do in a game that really counts. Like both of us have already observed, it appears that Wynn’s a gamer.

Well... if they put Wynn in they wouldn't need to upgrade the O-line cuz Wynn played behind an O-line that gave up 54 sacks last year (second highest) and he did fine :lol:
Still... i think he could get the job done if given the chance... and if he can get it done then they can look to trade off one of the other Qb's. Let's hope they give him a shot before they ship him out.

I sure hope so. But the way the QBs here have been getting beat up, he my get his chance sooner than later.

Honestly, I rather see them give Tee a definite chance to develop himself.

Chronic makes a very good point about the oline in BC giving up 54 sacks and yet they still made it to the GC. Too much is being made about the bomber oline as being the root of the problem with our offence. I never played pro ball, but have played enough football to know that if you havnt gotten the ball off in 3 steamboats your going to get creamed and against an aggressive defence like the riders and esks you have to call plays that use their aggressiveness to your advantage, screens, misdirection and swing passes. Put Calvillo, Ray or Printers at the controls and this Bomber squad is probably 2 - 0 instead of 0 - 2. The problem is the qb and the only one the bombers have who showed he could move the team is Michna. Im not suggesting he is the messiah, only that we need offence and he has shown in his limited playing time that he can deliver, play him Daly you jack ass.

God I hope the BB management don't resign Jones.... last thing we need is another qb to argue about....

Pick one... stick with him.... let him learn the system (or help make one) and let this team grow out of the basement...

Revolving door qb's is simply a recipe for disaster....

Well... i'd really like to see your team try Wynn in a real game... give him a game and see what he can do cuz i think he can really bring something to the table. Even though i'm a Lions fan... i don't like to see any team look like they are going to have a crappy season. As a true football fan i'd love to see every team be as good as the next so that we all get to see exciting football, and true it's only 2 games in... but i think your best chance at a half decent season is with Wynn.... at least for the time being.

daley should start with Martin, you have to give him a chance atleast one more time. If things aren't working to well through the first half he has to give Michna some snaps to see what he can do.

ok first of all, i remember Khari being very..... whats the word, a good scrambler, he would avoid alot of sacks and once they put in the back up(cant remember who) i think iut was pat barnes, he got sacked after sacked after sacked. i think we should sign khari for cheap, he'd probably come for cheap because he hasnt even been on a team for a few years and when he was playing he was third string.

Doug Berry led calvio to his first 6 000 yard season and i personaly think he could boost up khari. at least give him like a 75 000 offer or something to come be out third string and have him try and work his way up.

but i also believe hes gained some pounds and probly isnt very athletic right now, so we would have to whip him up into shape.

but also i have no idea why everyone bashes Kevin Glenn, he put up very good numbers last year with no QB coach, and now we have Doug Berry! i think Kevin has great potential and Berry will unleash it. and Tee is out of the question, that guy was so brutal its not even funny, Russ Michna, should be our second or third depending on getting khari. if Khari and Glenn could get into a competition i belive would have some amazing QB's. especially with coach Berry.

but Taman already said hes moved past him, we'll never sign him. but if ottowa folds we could possibly get Jason Armstead and/or kyries Hebert. Jason Armstead and AJ lll would make the best special teams unit in the CFL, plus hes a 1000 yrd reciever, and with the likes of him, AJ, Stegal and Brazell wed have an amazing recieving corps, and if we could get kyries hebert, would put the finishing touch on our line backing corps. we would have the best line backers in the CFL plus an amazing defnsive line. ha ha roberts himself wouldnt be able to run against us!! plus hebert led the league in special temas tackles and with him Niel Mckinlay and sean gallant, our special teams tacklers would be pretty amazing also.

if westwood could get his game back that would be awsome, they should send him to some camps and start working out a bit more.

also if we could get korey banks that would really help our defensive secondary. ALOT

i have another point i feel i must express. our defensive secondary isnt that bad either! remember when we had rod rust as our defensive coordnater? we held edminton to 14 points and lost by 2. then when he left we started sucking it up.

the defensive secondary and offensive line took major hits with injuries and our best players never really got to play with each other never mind get used to each other. So now with William fields omar evans, Anthony Stanford samules and brad franklin, were definitely good back there, especially with defensive guru greg marshal as our coordnator, we’ll be just fine. And all our great starters now get the chance to start together with this amazing new coaching staff. I think we’ll be great this year. But it would be amazing if we could get Jason Armstead and Kyries Hebert, possibly korey banks and kerry Joseph, him and Kevin would be a good one two combo!

This may sound selfish but I kind of hope they fold and all become free agents so our team can get amazing! 8 teams would help with the confusion, and maybe Halifax and Quebec city could come next season to make it 10, and maybe the gades and montcon could come and make it 12. Thad be sweet!!!!, but probly wont happen any time soon.

That’s a lot of talking, I just felt I had to express my thoughts on that, none of it will probly happen and if it did, we’d probly only get one of the four, but o well, that’s my fantasy,

I think realisticly we’d have a draft choice and Hamilton would probly go first cuz it’s the way life works and we tied for last in the league with them, and theyd probly grab banks, which sucks, then hopefully we’d grab armstead, and Saskatchewan would grab Joseph. Then hopefully no one would take Hebert cuz of his contract and we could take him. Anywise, im done, I went way off topic. As for khari jones, I think he’s done, and coach Berry will unlock Kevins potential and we WILL win the grey cup this year!