Released from Winnipeg today.

The title explains it all. With Keith out till Labour day the Cats need a RB that has All-Star Potenial & nothing against Caulley,Smith or Cobb or even Williams but The Injury to Keith really handcuffs the Ticats Running game. Personally I believe that Joe Smith would be perfect for the Cats. A BIG running back that will wear down the defence.

Seriously, think about it. Jump on Joe before Saskatchewan does [Wes Cates placed on Injury list]

It makes sense to me.

I Rather Have E-Bell

Should also look up Casey McGahee and Montez Murphy.

Joe Smith is past his "best before" date. Why do you think Wally and then the Bombers let him go in the first place.

RB is one of our strongest depth positions, we have lot more spaces we need to improve, I don't think RB is among them.

The injury to Kenton doen't handcuff the cats. You design plays around what and who you KK, then you just work on other plays. It really isn't that big a deal. It actually if anything helps us because we have been playing and practicing without him already, so less of an adjustment actually.

I hope he can heal and come back strong, because a healthy KK is a weapon that is very hard to defend.

I agree totally.

Joe Smith is too old and too slow

If he is 100% healthy

Idk. I think its a huge blow to the Cats RB position. How could it not be? you lose your starting RB for half the season.

Joe Smith is the better of the two [Tyler Ebell] A 1 year contract wouldn't hurt one bit. Former CFL Rushing Leader, he knows how to run, he isn't past his 'best before' date & he isn't that slow of a RB, he's a power back, he isn't a speed back but he'll wear down the defence by plowing right into them.

A Joe Smith Signing makes so much sense, I think Caulley is a good back but not a starting one. If the cats are serious about making a run this year there going to need an All-Star RB for the duration of the time KK is out.

Just my opinion.

Joe Smith averaged 5.0 YPC last year behind a good O-line
Terry Caulley averaged 6.8 YPC last year with a bad O-line

all of this bring in Ebell, and bring in Smith talk is killing me.

Caulley is VERY capable of being a starting runningback in this league and rushing for over a 1,000 yards. and he has better hands than Ebell and Smith.

I agree with you there. Now if there was some way to wrangle roaster to have Smiths size and vet experience. I think Caulley/ Smith combo be a one two punch. Completely dif in style. Gives you versatility. KK comes back healthy and by some miracle we are in the hunt come the Labor day classic game. Think about it.

Joe Smith maybe a tad too slow for the CFL game. I've come to the conclusion that the perfect size, if you will for the NFL might be 5"10" 225 lbs for a rb while in the CFL it's basically from 5'5" to 5'10", 165 lbs to 205 lbs. You trade some size for quickness and agility. Of course, this is just generalities and doesn't mean anything but just trying to make a point. A guy like Lumsden at 6'2" 225 with his speed can do a lot of damage, when he's healthy of course.

Terry Caulley more than paid his dues every time LUMSDEN got hurt Terry came in and did a great job. He deserves his opportunity he will be one of the best backs in this league good team guy don't keep screwing him around. :thup:

I feel sorry about KK's injured MCL, but as I've noted here in the past, he really didn't show us much in the games he played here last season. I'm quite happy with the status quo, recognizing that Caulley and Smith are both good running backs.

The team needs to spend their efforts bolstering up our defense, pending the results of the first couple of games.

The problem with Smith is that he really doesn't want to play football.

Last year when he was with BC and was injured, there was a small piece done on TV about him and he said that he didn't come to games or practices and didn't even watch the games on TV.

He's a good back but is head is not into the game.

I too would want Ebell. I don't know why the big smoke dumped him.

I have to agree with this. Caulley has earned at least a few games chance as the starter to show that he can be the guy. I'm not sure that the "big bruiser back v. the scat-back" argument is a sound one. Both styles work as both styles can wear down a defence. Spending 4 quarters running after a fast back seems to me like it would be just as tiring as the same time spent running into a bruiser. It's the running GAME ( as in team; much love to the hoggies) that wears down the D. Not just the back alone. Charles Roberts is a good example of a smaller back who could help wear out a D.

Caulley should get to show his stuff. As other posters have already said, he was great subbing for others. He's on the team for a reason. If Joe Smith was that good, would the Bombers have passed so quickly?

Even without kk, we have 3 capable running backs in Caulley, (Tre) Smith and Cobb.

Why do we need a "set starter" When we can rotate these 3 all relatively freely, keeping all of them rested while tiring out the defence?

If Joe still had it, he would still be in BC. If he had signs of something left he would still be in the Peg. We don't need another " was a star player" to save us. Let's get some continuity and work Caulley and Tre Smith who aleady know the offense.

I think if you are looking for a back you would be wise to choose Smith over Ebell. Smith will surface somewhere and from what we saw last year in Winnipeg he still has all the skills. He was not really used a lot last year in Winnipeg but when he was he was pretty impressive. Unless there is an injury we don't know about from camp Smith is the safest bet around for a RB - much better than Ebell with his injury track record. Of all the players that have been cut by all the teams this guy would be at the top of my list. If you are worried about attitude he had a great one in Winnipeg - players, fans, coaches and media all liked him.

There can't be an injury or they would've had to keep him.

Well, I don't think it is a huge blow. I think Kenton would do well if he was healthy but still, he wasn't here for the bulk of last year and when he did play he didn't light it up. I'm not condemning him for that, I know he was only here for a few games, he was not in CFL shape etc, but the point is that he was not the reason our team led the league in rushing last year. So, losing him doesn't mean that we have no running game. It means we lose depth, which is a concern if Caulley gets hurt for any length of time. But let's face it, we've been spoiled these last few years by having great depth at running back. Most teams haven't had the two back punch we've had. So, while it does weaken the depth of the position, I don't believe it affects us at the starting RB position. A setback yes, but not a huge blow.

I have to agree with this. Why are we so quick to throw our own guys under the bus? If they want to bring in someone else to have a look at for depth then I don't see any harm in that. But we do not have to go scrambling trying to find a new starter. What more does Caulley have to do to earn the starting job? He is better than Smith and Ebell. Either of these guys would be brought in as veteran depth and nothing more. If we keep telling Caulley he isn't good enough by bringing in other teams former starters, who may or may not still have it, when we have a guy who is currently doing more than any of them, sooner or later he's going to walk to greener pastures.