Sign Joe Montford NOW

I called for it 3 weeks ago and this is just one more reason...What if Cotton or Cheatwood go down? Bring him in NOW!

We can really use him. :thup: :thup:

I don't kow who makes the call to not bring him in but he can only help.

Cheaters Knee Is done for the year guaranteed

Did you see the way the guy rolled on it

OUCH! Thats gotta way hurt

Dam Man I feel bad for Cheet

Montford is toast, dont waste the money on a guy that just wants to go anywhere to get the money. His best years are behind him. The team needs to go forward.

And that was the same knee that has been injured a few times, right?

He could be out for the season then. And Cotton, who was backing him up has taken some injuries as well. The Ticats might need to bring in a DE if this keeps up, and maybe then Montford will be coming back.

Ron Lancaster said on TV that he doesn't know for sure but
after checking Cheatwood's leg injury over in the locker room
it didn't appear to be as bad as they felt it was out on the field.

Does Montford play Q.B.

i don't think joe is the answer to anthing right now, except perhaps to a trivia question (as in: which cfl player had the greatest four-year stretch of all time for quarterback sacks? joe montford, you could look it up)

he's a spent force, and as bad as he wants it, joe cannot bring the wood anymore. (does anyone remember how sad grover covington's final season was: he was kept on the field out of loyalty, beyond the time that he could produce in the way that he — and the team — was accustomed to. the difference is that joe has no shame, and he'd stay out there ad nauseum, taking up a space and contributing little. sadly, he's not worth the double team anymore; he's not worth bringing in.

Marcel Desjardins has said ,time to see new people .
Joe doesn't qualify there and our season is over :cowboy: .

And you will be saying it for another 3 weeks...aint gonna happen....NUFF SAID.

Well...put it this way...if the don't bring him in YES! And we will never know...will we?

Bringing Joe back does nothing for the Cats. It would just be a ego trip for a washed up player not good enough for even the Eskimos.

We as fans have to be looking forward and doing what's best for the team and not just for former players we have a hard on for. Especially a player whop bad mouthed the team when he left and one who was not always a loyal Ticat when he signed in Toronto. Good riddance to him.

Honestly, even if we did bring Joe in, what good would it do helping us in the future. Even if Joe had a monster game and propelled us to 3 wins this year as opposed to 2, it doesnt matter. As much as this sucks, wins arent as important as finding new talent for next year. Why waste the last 7(I think) games of the season watching a legend play, when we can use them to find a legend who can play for the next 7 years?

As much as I liked to watch Joe preform him magic, do we really want a guy that was cut twice in the same year by a team that is second to last in the league?

Anyone know where Montford is. Has he given up on playing for this season?

Why bring Joe back seems to be the big question. Simply put, closure. We as fan need closure to that chapter of Ticat history. We have seen Joe grow into one of best in recent history, and we to be able say our good-byes before moving on. The same can be said for Joe, it seems like he needs that final farewell from the fans that love him so that he can move on too.

I think Josue proved last night that he can bring the lumber from the DE position.

Fair enough, I was just wondering if he had retired or if he was still wanting to play.

Gotta agree with that... I gotta ask, who did Josue look like coming around the end with speed, tracking down a QB from behind and causing a fumble?