Sign ideas

If we do get past that french team tomorrow I need some ideas for the Toronto game..

I'm thinking something like

Hey Ford,
I'd smoke crack too if I was an Argos/Leafs fan..

Anyone else have an idea?

Maybe I should take it to the CFL forum as well.. Get everyone involved?

Here's 2 signs for ya Ryan!!! :lol: :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

or ya can just wear this jersey!!!!!Kinda say's it all !!!! :lol: :lol: :smiley:

"French Team" ?? lol , yea there's like 4 French Canadians on their team. I think the Ticats have more French guys than the Als, we even have a QB with a French name -- LeFevour!!

Bobo that second one is awesome. But gotta have a reference of the Argos.

And mike...

Maybe this thread will get a little more action when we get past the American team tomorrow huh?

Ryan, what are you talking about!!!! French team??? Have you ever left the confines of Dirty Hamilton!!!! Anyway don't worry about signs because you will not have the pleasure of a game in T.O. Montreal is a cosmopolitan, multilingual, amazing city. Our team has depth and has overcome a difficult season. GO ALS GO!!!!!

Speaking of's that x Mayor Applebaum. He get convicted yet?

I'm hoping for a good game tomorrow veegee. It is Hamilton's game too lose. If we show up. We'll win by 20.

Wow. Seven French Canadians on your team. Four on the Als team, The Tiger-Cats are the FRENCH team. Might want to have someone proof read your sign. In a way I am hoping there are a lot of people like you in Hamilton, Will make signing them that much easier if they become any good. I understand what Calvillo meant now.

Guy behind me came up with a great would be sign

Montreal smokes meat.

You were sayin'

sucker pis
I hear Toronto is nice this time of year... ohhh but you won't be there... poopoo

Checkmate veegee!! Ticats have overcome a difficult season too but they do have the advantage of a GOOD coach!! :smiley: :smiley:
See you next season!

For a coach, Jim Popp makes a better spectator.

Get lost. Seriously, you know exactly what he meant, so don't act like you don't.

Also, it's proofread, not proof read. Maybe don't comment on someone else's grammar when yours clearly needs a bit of work.

I like this one!

I like that one too Grover..


"Hamilton won't crack under pressure"

What is blue and full of poo
Rob Ford's Arblow sweater

Haha I think it's a winner. Mind if I use?

Addiction isn't funny.

"Tigers! Eat'em Rob Ford does apparently.."

Mayor Promises to Lie Less!

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