Sign Danny Vandervoort?

BC cut Mac product Danny Vandervoort.

I think it would be great if the Ticats signed him. I think he just needs a chance to play.

He might have a hard time cracking our lineup. We pretty much have an embarrassment of riches at the receiver position. Unless the Cats bring him in to challenge for a depth position.

And his resume kinda sux.
1 catch

Well, If we are thinking of drafting a REC with one of our 2nd round picks,
I would like them to sign Danny Vandervoort instead
and then load up on stud Nat DLinemen with our 2nd round picks
It is our NAT DLine that needs more young blood

Gotta be a higher standard in signing prospects than “because he went to MAC”.

Would you rate him as being better than Chambers? If not, then take a pass. Otherwise, bring him in and let them fight for the spot.

I’d say being picked 3rd overall in the CFL Draft, just 2 years ago, by a very successful, experienced, GM & Coach, and having 26 games of special teams experience, since, would qualify. He’s only 25 and, if the young player, is keen on proving himself, when given a fair chance close to home, I’d sign him and take his MAC history as a PR bonus.

Where would Vandervoort fit in?

Tasker, Banks, Addison, Saunders, Mike Jones, Brian Jones, Chambers and STE can play rec. also

Tough rec. corps to bust into

possibly displace Chambers?₩

You must be his agent. ;D

That’s a whole lot of positive spin for a receiver who only caught one pass in two seasons.

Shaq Johnson and Cory Watson were ahead of him as NAT REC in BC
With Buren retired, there is a bit of an opening

bwf029, thinking where I’m thinking, beat me to responding on this.

I agree on “tough to bust into,” and you left out Mitch O’Connor, but I also think Chambers may find it tough to earn his way back into the lineup. Based on performance to date, I like Mike Jones over Shamawd on the outside. Also among the NAT WRs competing for a spot, I think salary, age, and perhaps durability too, could stack up against a guy, coming off ACL surgery and heading into the 9th season of his CFL career, after averaging participation in less than 7 games a year over the past 5.

Didnt say he wasnt any good …simple fact is if he wasn’t a MAC product this thread wouldn’t exist.

While I don’t think I misunderstood what you posted …

Gotta be a higher standard in signing prospects than “because he went to MAC”.

… I do agree that, had he played at another university, we most likely wouldn’t be discussing, in this forum, Vandervoort’s release by BC.

He is from Barrie and his favorite team growing up was the Arblows,
He is crap! :wink: ;D

While it’s not clear where Vandervoort will land after the draft takes place, he’d be thrilled if he walks away wearing the double blue and ends up playing for his childhood favourite CFL team.
“I grew up in Barrie so they (Toronto Argonauts) were the closest team and we used to go to games all the time as a kid so that was the atmosphere in the Rogers Centre, or the SkyDome back when I used to go,? he laughed remembering the name of the Argos’ former home. “That I remember the most.?

He’s national depth who will need a couple years to get used to the pace of the CFL game.

The guy who might know if Vandervoort is worth signing is Jeff Reinebold who coached him directly as the Lions STC. If the kid excels at ST then he could be a good depth signing and would have to bide his time until a National receiver spot opens up.

Excellent point Krisiun ! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (older than dirt)

Not only a good special teams player, he was a pretty good receiver considering he was a first round draft choice. I don’t care what university he attended or who his favourite team was growing up. Is he better than Mike Jones? Let’s find out in training camp and pre-season.

No one knows more about Vandervoort or Elimimian than the guys on our coaching staff, so any decisions we make will be informed ones.