Sign Danny Brannagan

Sign QB Danny Brannagan. We have a spot open for a QB, especially a local Canadian QB. Should have been in black and gold not double blue anyway.. A good Canadian trained QB who really knows the game. Football is booming locally so let's give one our own a chance tp grow into the position!

I'd like to see him, maybe Robede or Mayne.But having none come here wouldn't break my heart either.

Improved from last year but still not good enough...

Really? You want to bring in an injured QB who couldn't crack the Argos roster?

Personally, I would have preferred that the team draft Sinopoli.

How do you figure that?

We have 3 QBs going into the regular season which starts on Friday. Are you certain he is better than Jason Boltus?

What makes you think that??? The Tiger-Cats don't need any more quarterbacks on their roster. Seeing as this is your first post, I'm assuming your either a good friend or family member of Brannagan. A Canadian quarterback in the CFL always makes for a feel good story. I hope Brannagan gets another shot down the road to live his dream, where ever that might be.

I believe he means on the PR for development

League rules state each team must dress three Quarterbacks for Regular Season Games and the Quarterback position can not play any other position.

So, if one of Hamiltons Quarterbacks get hurt Hamilton will need another Quarterback.

SIGN HIM !! for insurance purposes, it would not hurt, he would be in camp learning the system !! Just in case one of our Quartbacks get hurt

If the Tiger-Cats wanted a fourth quarterback on their roster, practice or otherwise, they would have brought one in when they released Mitch Mustain during training camp.

Not necessarily true Mightypope, did we not just sign a N/I kicker even though we didn't need one at all for development purposes?

Why would we want a QB who obviously doesn't have the skills or talent to play in this league? The talented QBs go to football schools south of the border and there are hundreds better.

I just don't buy this "sign him he's Canadian" thing. If you bring him in he takes up one of the Canadian positions like the OL where teams are always hurting to find talent.

Brings me back to my usual argument TIME TO REDUCE THE CANADIAN CONTENT IN THE CFL!!! We need to see the best players on the field and I don't care their nationality.

You don't get it do you.If we reduce the # of Canadians in the CFL, it's not OUR game anymore.Soon after there would be no ratio rule, and what would set us apart from the UFL, AFL and NFL at that point?Wouldn't be long before we'd have to change the rules to mesh with the other leagues to try and stay alive and before you know it our league is gone.Pass.The canadian content rule makes this league that much better and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

No Mikem time to INCREASE Canadian content not reduce it. FORCE the teams to develop Canadian talent to first string status. Make Canadian content on the PR mandatory. REQUIRE one of the 3 QBs to be Canadian. REQUIRE 8 starters on the field on ST.

I agree fully with AKT re increasing the Canadian content of the rosters.


No Canadian content= no more Canada's league

i would much rather see it increased, but how it is right now is fine by me

There is the idea of allowing teams to carry a n/i qb who doesn't count against the roster. This would allow a promising athlete more time to develop at a higher level than the CIS.

I would like to see that happen.

How many reps does a fourth QB get?

How much game time does a fourth QB get to learn the game. Let's not give the young man any false hopes and let him get on with his life unless we lose any of the 3 ahead of him. Then he'll be only a phone call away.


One easy way to answer that is just by looking at Boltus. He has been with the team for 2 years now and is entering his 3rd season. He will dress for his first regular season game ever in week 1 this year. Add at least 1 more year to develop a CIS QB.

Normally the 3rd string runs the scout team that runs the other teams plays that they are preparing to play while the 1 and 2 take reps with all the other 1 and 2 depth players. With all that there is next to nothing for a 4th QB to do. Combine these factors with the short CFL practices and having a 4th hinders things a bit.

I can remember in the 90's you didn't have to dress 3 QB's and there was one season (around the mid 90's) where the Cats were only dressing 2 QB's. Ken Evraire was the emergency only 3rd QB. haha