Do whatever it takes but please get us some heat on the line.


Mace has proved nothing in his pro career.

I don't understand why he is this unsung hero that we refuse to give money to.

He played only a few downs in the NFL and some of those were during kneel downs.

The Cats have done the right thing by offering a contract of 65K and if he can prove that he is worth more then we can give him a new deal in the offseason.

How much did Cam Wake come to the CFL for? I am sure he didn't get close to 100k when he first started. In the CFL you have to prove our worth. He has proven nothing.

we all just need to feel like we got something for Zeke Moreno its not even about this guy starting.

Because the great unknown is always better than what we have. That's why the 2nd string QB is the hero in Hamilton

We don't need another prima donna on the team. Let's see Maas, Jessie, Printers and a whole bumch of others. We paid these guys the bucks and in return got nothing but heartaches. Mace is not interested in being a Cat or he would have been here by now!

Even if we did sign him, he wants to get back to the NFL asap, so he'd probably just sign a one year deal. Hell, it'd probably take 1 year just to develop him. Forget it, Kirk will do as a N/I DT for now.

Because our dt’s were brutal against the run, we need all the help we can get. Why save the money now? Are they saving pennies in case a miracle happens and Cam wake gets released? It’s pointless and if he doesnt work out then cut him next year to get the cap space, but just get the damn deal done obie!

No he wont do, he got steamrolled last night, it was embarrasing.

Well what's your suggestion coach? Pay this bum we've never seen play and who missed TC 65k initially and 95k if he starts? He could be the same as Kirk or worse. Might as well just go with what we have or worse comes to worse, get someone off the neg. list.

We need all the help we can get... I don't care if we made a game out of it... Down 20-0... Come on now...

The only reason I would consider paying Corey Mace more than Obie was offering before is because I am pretty sure the Ticats aren't responsible for the full amount of Kenton Keith's contract now that he is on the 9 game injured list. And I am pretty sure he is making a pretty good chunk of change.

But I could be wrong.

  • paul
8) I will inform you that any player who is on the IR List, such as Kenton Keith, the player in question, does indeed receive his full pay while he is the that list !!!!!

Yes I realize that, but does his full salary count towards the cap?

  • paul

Answered my own question. This is all I could find.

"Players on the nine-game injured list are still paid in full but it doesn't count against the cap."

  • paul

I believe they are also paying Willie Quinnie his salary although he does not count towards their salary cap. Correct?

Once again , he has never played a gamein the CFL why would you pay him a large salary ?? Let hi get a real job and move on with is life .

8) "TheBeast", yes that is correct !!!
8) If you are referring to Willie Quinnie, he has indeed played games in the CFL, with the TiCats !!

We got nothing for Zeke bottom line. Is it just me or maybe we need to start looking at GM.

Bob could play ball but so far as a GM HE BLOWS :thdn: