Sight of the 100th Grey Cup (2012)?

Great 2009 Cup little disheartening the way it ended but give the Als credit they played a good 2nd half to put themselves in a position to win. I was wondering if any sight has been announced for the 2012 (the 100th) playing of the Grey Cup. I know it's 3 years away but I have never been to a Cup game and thought that that milestone game would be the one to take in live. I don't know if it's to early but I know the league usually knows a couple of years ahead.

The 2012 Grey Cup has not yet been announced, although there is a general expectation that it will be in Toronto, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary where the first game was played.

I've heard both Sportsnet and The Score have put in an official letter to the CFL to prevent the game from being located in Toronto. They think it could take away from their regular programming too much and have concerns about this. :lol:

well, it’s likely going to Toronto, although it really should be in Regina.

but CFL wants Toronto to have another one…

.....2010 is in Edm.....doubtful that the west will get 3 in a the next two should be in the east....Mont. just had one....that leaves T.O. and HAM.....I think the league will probably go with T.O....just my take and i have been wrong before :lol:

news flash..2011 is in B.C.

Well, I doubt it'd happen since Calgary just hosted it, and four straight West Grey Cups might be a bit much, but after seeing the piece about Calgary fans taking over Toronto in 1948, I wouldn't mind seeing it in Calgary.

I don't see how it can't be in Toronto. My only problem is that 2009 was the 100th anniversary of the first game, due to the war years, and Calgary didn't embrace that at all. CFL could have probably got a ton of extra coverage and marketing out of that.

...TOLD YA I COULD BE WRONG :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: .........i forgot about the leos being awarded 2011....long way off in any event....They better hope they have their roof working by would be a helluva Cup at the old Empire stad. venue... :lol: :lol:...So what are the next five going to be awarded to the east???? :roll: IF... big if... the Bombers have their new digs....i'm sure they'll be advertising for one....never know?????

2012 should be in Hamilton. Its the home of the CFL Hall of Fame and people there actually know what the CFL is! When I was in Toronto in 2007, most of the talk was about how bad the Leafs were, not the Grey Cup! There is something fundimentally wrong about that. :thdn:

but the CFL said about 2 years ago, that until Hamilton, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg get new stadiums, they won't have the Grey Cup. I don't like it at all but that's what they said.

Srsly? That's pretty fail. Yeah I know the stadiums need to get replaced but srsly, that sucks. That is just limiting the expansion of the fan base.
Right now would be IDEAL to start pumping Hamilton more with the recent success of the Ti-Cats.

The problem with this thinking though is that it would have taken away some of the pizzaz of the most more significant date, the 100th Grey Cup championship game in 2012. I'm sure in TSN's extensive coverage something was made out of the fact this is the 100th year but to me this isn't that important of a milestone, it's really the game itself, number of.

Oh wow! How exciting! Toronto, the one city in the league where nobody cares about football.

Saw you on tsn yesterday thryllin!! At least I think it was you

It should be Ottawa, but they wont even have the stadium ready by then.

I think it's pretty much in the bag for Toronto.

Somebody else better step up! It would be so wrong to have it in Toronto when so many would prefer to bash the bills or Leafs than watch the Grey Cup.

Well, Hamilton is my big hope for hosting the 100th Grey Cup. You would think that they will do one more at Ivor Wynne before the Ti-Cats move into their new home.

I think some of you are right though, The 100th Grey Cup is pretty much a lock for Toronto…which still excites me because it will be my first ever Grey Cup!

I've seen this claim a lot of times but I've never seen proof so was it actually said or is it an urban legend.

Apparently Ottawa has been tentatively awarded the 2014 Grey Cup game.

I believe Ottawa was already given the 2014 Grey Cup... provided they have a team by then.