sigh, this site still does not have its act together!

So I thought I would look ups some of the newstories about Dinwiddie leading up to the Grey Cup as I seemed to remember something about the pot smoking, thus I wanted to confirm it was not breaking news.

Anyway after scrolling a heck of a long time I clicked on a couple of stories from November 2007. So I got some nice photo's of Dinwiddie, but the text that went along with it bio info for the Lion cheerleaders!!!

see the following example!

[url=] ... ry_baptism[/url]

First, other sites group archives by months, so that it is easier to find stuf.

Second, other site usually have the correct story associated with the details......

Time and time again this site comes across as being done by a couple of amatures!!!

Do the webmasters even bother checking the links???

What makes you so sure that wasn't his actual bio? :lol:


...they should put a dress on that guy :slight_smile:

got to accept it guys, this site will always be 3rd rate, run by inferior designers and programmers, most likely because idiots at CFL cant be bothered to shell out a few extra bucks to get the best, andor are too stupid to know they need to.

It must be nice when your biggest problem in life is an internet site :roll:

ok ro, should I remember that anytime you have complaint or negative comment to say about anything?

Really is a stupid kind of comment. There is always something more important. So what? Do we just not have an opinion on anything else??

If it makes you feel better....go ahead!

did it make you feel better?

or are you just pissed that edmonton won??

I have yet to be pissed over who won a football game.
Besides, I was rooting for edmonton

duhh, of course you were. For some stupid reason I thought you were a calgary fan for a minute. sheesh. bang bang bang...................... owwwww

The one thing I find annoying is that when you come to the site, sometimes not all of it loads. The tabs dont appear and some of the ads on the right hand side dont appear either. I do believe that the site needs to be upgraded to handle a higher volume of people who are coming to this site.


I would like to see the history of hits on the site. My guess is it has grown extensively in the past two years. If that is the case, perhaps the league needs to find a new hosting company that can handle the volume.