Sigh again , this site!!!

Any chance of getting the full play by play for the Rider Bombers game, not just the fourth quarter!

Its all there, click on the see all plays at the bottom

i REALLY HATE IT, when I type a long but good post and the site drops me out when I submit!!! that is a disgrace!!!!

arrow back its still there Kucha...or copy & paste

What I do if I know it will be long is type it into word first then copy and paste it back into the forum

My only beef is that I have to keep logging in. Example: I logged in last night and ticked remember me. Still this morning I had to re-log. This happens all the time.

I get that as well but in spurts. Sometimes I long in 3 or 4 times a day and then I dont have to for 2 weeks

Sorry I was not clear, I am talking about the PDF files that are on the schedule page, not the “live play by play”.

I have checked a number of the other pdf and found that many of them have the same problem!!!

Does no one on this site proofread!!!

Complaint taken underconsideration oops no one opened the lid to the garbage can!