Sideline restroom competitive advantage

Does the CFL have these on the sidelines? Do all provinces allow for that type of invention in public? If not, which teams therefore have a competitive advantage?

Wow. What could go wrong?

I'd be up for Sara Orlesky doing a sideline report (and demo) on these devices. They could be sold/used for camping and Woodstock-like concerts too...if they're legal in most provinces?

Roll these out for common use and they'd be destroyed in a matter of about two weeks.

Anyway, it can work in the right places.

You and your toilet tales, sir.

One of the CFL teams should have their mascot pretending to do #2 in one of these and have a player deliberately knock over the unused unit (staged act). Lots of laughs and increase in TV ratings for this. Sort of like the mustard/ketchup mascot race at MLB baseball games.

you seem to have a real thing for this topic material EZ :slight_smile:

I cant imagine taking a dump surrounded by thousands of people like that. I dont even like it when someone else is in the public washroom I am in.

Let's think about that.

Do you think it is possible a lot of older coaches retire early because they'd be embarrassed to run back to the locker room?

Take for example, coach Ken Miller of Saskatchewan. At his age he probably had to give up coffee and Mountain Dew during the season because it is a diuretic. He could have continued coaching and simple say to an assistant "grab my headset! Headed to the portal!" And he could be back by the next play unlike a run to the locker room.

It's not just for the players.

It could technically be a device that should be available by Canadian employment law since it's not an unusual request in the workplace.

It would be comparable to having a chair to sit on, on a production assembly line in a factory.