Sideline reporters

I am not sure if this bugs anyone else, but I get so annoyed when sideline reporters talk over the action on the field. They should be able to get their points in, in 20 seconds or less, and then turn it back to the booth. Done.

Why do they insist on talking (invariably going on about nonsense) while there is action on the field? I realize it’s not entirely their fault because a Producer should be in their earpiece telling them to wrap it up, but c’mon. It happened Sunday in Regina. There was a huge completion and the sideline reporter is still talking!

Doesn’t bother me as long as the comments are about something interesting.
With the number of plays in a game, missing an immediate call on one or two is no big thing.

What is more annoying are those split screen commercials that pop up in the middle of action.

And at this point if there was a choice of walking 4 miles to work barefoot or driving there in a Qashqai, I would be walking.!!

It’s an odd, American style, part of the broadcast. I find it distracting. I’d be happy to see more ref cams or something else from the sidelines. Maybe a clip of some of the sideline chatter outside of a touchdown?

P.S. Love the comment about the Quashqui (I’ve seen it a hundred times and have no idea how to spell the name)!

Sideline reports and interviews that go on during the play has been bothering me this year. Just like when the guys in the booth ramble on during a play. The only talking we should hear during the play is play by play about the play. I have been thinking of complaining to TSN but I figure it would do no good.

I thought the TSN broadcasts were a bit better this year. But I agree - a bit of silence goes along way. They seem to be afraid of it.

Rod Black does the same thing, just par for TSN.

A lot of times, the sideline reporter is providing an update on an injured player.
The sideline reporter does actually speak to team officials on the benches or in the locker room to provide those.

I don't see how that is known, scripted, and typed into a teleprompter before the game.

This is something on the same vein as a baseball broadcast where we are inundated with personal anecdotes of the people in the game. It works in baseball because it’s a monotonous sport with so much repetition and actionless pitches.

In football while the play is live, this should never happen. While it is an Americanized part of the broadcast, football broadcasters down south seldom have a highlight reel play paired with audio not describing the play itself. I feel 1 in 4 touchdowns on TSN are accompanied by Jermaine Franklin telling us about Ricky Ray’s breakfast routine.

CFL football on TV has to get streamlined. They’ve made some progress moving replay reviews to commercial breaks and trying to keep the pace going but they need to do more.

Commercials have to get reduced to the aforementioned replay reviews and the breaks at the quarters. All plays should be covered by the play by play person so you have a highlight package that sounds professional.

The broadcast should be designed to keep the viewer glued to the action while subtly exposing them to sponsored content during the play. Games should start and finish in about 2 and a half hours.

I find TSN just copies American football culture and does it poorly. Halftime music acts… shots of young people drinking at the stadium and not watching the game… cheesy theme music… sideline reporter anecdotes taking precedence over live play…

International sports like soccer and rugby I think shows a better way to present football on TV. Focused on the game… no sideshow circus acts… sponsored content comes at the half, around the field and on the jerseys.

The MLS passing the CFL in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto in popularity amongst young people didn’t come with halftime music and sideline anecdotes on TV. Its come with a genuinely enjoyable game watching experience especially in the stadium.

Sara Orlesky beats Matt Scianetti. Some prettier.

To your earlier point, what does the MLS have on football?

Shorter games.

In an era of busy schedules and shorter attention spans, particularly among younger people, soccer offers a family friendly 2 hour package. I am not an advocate (as some are) in shortening the length of the CFL game (i.e. four 12-minute quarters), but I think there are ways to streamline the games a bit.

Agreed. I think they need to look at commercials. If soccer and rugby can sell their sports professionally without stopping play you’d think a sport with quarters should be able to do the same.

I am glad that ryhmes with orange brought this up and JoeyT has summarized my own sentiments on this topic.

These sideline interviews, when they override the coverage of the game, are bloody annoying. I go so far as to say I hate the damn things. While the human interest part of it is interesting, it quickly transforms to irritating when it is done so at the expense of the game coverage. I don’t tune in to listen to sideline chatter. Save it for between the quarters or half-time.

My two bits’ worth.

Yep, that is why I hit the mute button. How about listening to Dunnigan rattle on all game long “oh, that sounds like a great play”. He is bar far the most annoying person in the CFL.

I just want to add one more comment on JoeyT's excellent post. He hits the nail on the head with the above observation. I will add that whenever we try to emulate anything American -- entertainment-wise -- it invariably looks lame and contrived. I don't have an answer as to what the CFL should do in the way of half-time shows. Do we even require a half-time show in the first place? Half-time is when a good chunk of the fans in the stands are heading to the washrooms or to the concessions and the fans stuck at home are doing the same (except to the fridge!). I completely missed the half-time show when I attended the Grey Cup in Ottawa last year as I wanted to go below, dry off and sharpen my skates. To this day, I do not feel at all that I missed anything. I saw an exiting game and that was the whole purpose of the pilgrimage. Years down the road, ain't no one gonna be talking about the half-time show. They will be talking about the Boatmen's miracle comeback.

I will end this by saying that I find the NFL half-time shows to be over-the-top garish and that is not something that strikes me as a Canadian thing. We are a low-key people, not prone to ostentation and I see that as a positive attribute of my countrymen. I like the fact that we are not loud and obnoxious.

You can take what I say with a pinch of salt. I am a cranky old b*****d.

...guess I'm a cranky old b*****d too then because the observation above has got me really puzzled this year by what exactly is it the marketing gurus at TSN/CFL are trying to convey here...I suppose it's 'hey, look at this place you can come and drink your face off and party with people your own age and the occasional old creepy guy'...that's the message, but what I see are loud and messy drunk young people who couldn't give a hoot about the game...

...the worst I saw was the stamps/rider game before the last one, had the camera on a couple of guys in the Pilsner endzone section and one dude had about 7 or eight empty cans of beer on the counter before him, and it wasn't even halftime, him and his friends were just hammered, gone...not to pick on riderfan here, it's just the example I remember, I'm sure lots of stadiums are the same...permissible or not, it's an ugly image as far as I'm concerned...

I noticed that too, they are promoting drinking and getting hammered…and then driving home, over the sport. I mean that one game they showed 3 idiots chugging their king cans, wow, what real men.

Their stupid stories are phoney, made up and annoying.

Well - as per a post in the TV ratings thread ratings are up 2% overall but up 17% amongst younger viewers. So perhaps TSN knows exactly what they are doing and the approach actually appeals to the highly coveted younger demographic.

Blue Jays on Sportsnet likewise often zoom in on young people ‘partying’ on the WestJet Flight deck in centre field during their broadcasts too. I don’t think that is by accident.