sideline broadcaster.

That clown that was running up and down the sideline with a mike in his hand at the edmonton game, with the volumn set at 1000 decibles, I think this shows absolutely no class at all. I realize this is to try and disrupt the offence but I think we B.C. fans have enough football knowhow to know when to make noise and when not to...Also the B.C. Defense will let us know by flapping their arms. They were doing this at the last Calgary game as well. But we all know Calgary has No Class to start with. The CFL should not allow this as the do after the ball is snapped.....GOOOOOO--LIONS.[/u][/i][/b][/list][/list]


.............good use of all the modifying buttons there pinhead..........oh sorry, that was so classless of me.......go drink your duff beer now doofus.......