Sideeque Shabazz/ Adarius Bowman ...extended

....Once again Kelly is trying to set this team in stone by extending his corps players.....Shabazz is a no-brainer...this guy is an up and coming star....Quite surprised at Bowmans extension, as there were rumours out of Riderville, that he'd be testing out the nfl shortly......hmmmm ..I would say looking at this particular extension, that may just have been a way to make the Bombers look like they were'nt getting very much in the Goodspeed trade...I hope Bowman burns-up the league in the next few years...and the Riders get greener with envy...if that's possible :wink: :lol:

Agreed Papa! One of the best moves Kelly has made so far was to acquire Shabazz! Bates was another! Hopefully the Qb situation works out for us.

and signed import defensive lineman Chase Ortiz and import defensive back Jasper Johnson today.

Ortiz (6’03, 247, Texas Christian ‘07, DOB: May. 22, 1985 in League City, TX) played his college football at TCU where in 2005 he led the Mountain West Conference with nine sacks, and was named first-team All-MWC. As a junior in 2006, he repeated as first-team All-MWC.

Johnson (6’02, 218, Central Arkansas ’07, DOB: Jun. 9, 1985 in Pine Bluff, AR ) also comes north for his first season in the CFL.

Johnson sounds like a specimen, a 218 lb DB, :lol:

I couldn't agree more. He's made some moves and done some things and said some things that give me concern.....but stealing Shabazz in a deal for Ellis, man I give him major credit for that is easily the best thing he's done. Shabazz is a star, far more than Ellis ever was or will be.

....THIS IS A BIG-GUY....for a db.....Another Johnson????? :lol: I hope he's got some speed and cover skills...if he does , I know as a receiver, you'd be avoiding this guy in the secondary...he could hurt ya.... :lol: