Sideeq Shabazz

Is he still a free agent? I heard he got released by WPG, but I don't know when this happened.

He is a great talent and somebody has got to pick him up.

No one has signed him as far as I know, and DM has said he has no intention of bringing him back. So that leaves 6 teams...

Hey, thryllin, March phoned.....they want their news back.

Seriously, you've been like 2-4 weeks behind all off-season. What gives?

Hamilton's got a beast LB corp's, 5 teams left.

According to the Lions: "He's an in-betweener," Buono said. "We want much more defined positions -- linebackers who are true linebackers and defensive backs who are true cover guys. We're not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I'm not criticizing Winnipeg or Edmonton, but he [Shabazz] has floated around a million different positions. There must be reason for that. Winnipeg realized he didn't fit in their plans, and we don't feel he fits in ours."

perhaps shabazz is looking for another big contract... not many teams have the cash to fork over to a lineback that may or may not have a big year... if hes willing to sign for a reduced salary id love to see him back with the bombers, but that wont happen

Guess that leaves four teams...

toronto, calgary, and montreal really.. 3 teams..

edm said nope, bombers said nope, lions said nope, cats have a solid group and i dont see regina grabbing him eventho he was a former bomber :stuck_out_tongue: he isnt a taman guy. he's a kelly guy and quite honestly i think that hurts his chances of signing with a team.

not sure what to beleive right but have heard rumors of shabazz being a problem in the locker room, even getting into arguments with guys like doug brown and stuff. rumors have it that a few of the guys kelly brought over (shabazz being one) were sorta problems last season in the sense that regardless of what kelly did or didnt do, they would always be up his butt but i dunno. hard to say, i know a guy who worked for the blue last season and said kelly was a great guy so really depends on who u talk too. cant beleive all media reports thats for sure buttt at the same time, he was released for a reason. why? could be he was getting paid too much, could be because he just wasnt that good after the first 4 or so games. i dunno.

Very interesting comment from one of the best, Buono, and I wonder as a new fan if this view on the defined roles on defence in the CFL is the norm or in the minority?

Interestingly the NFL used to also have a bias against tweeners on defence a decade ago or so when 90% of the teams played a 4-3 defence, but now almost half the teams are playing a 3-4 with at least one in the Ravens rumoured to be going to a new-era coverage capable 4-4 (not your old school more run-stop based unit) and the Steelers playing such a 4-4 effectively much of the time when Polamalu is on the field. In short the NFL teams are actively looking for more guys like perhaps this Shabazz who are tough enough to play outside linebacker, though undersized to be full-time linebackers, for run responsibilities yet fast enough to cover as strong safeties the inside routes better than linebackers and run-stopping capability the same with great wrap-tackling fundamentals.

I wonder if by contrast in the CFL more teams don't have a desire for such versatile guys to be effectively either the fourth or fifth linebacker or the the fifth, sixth, or seventh defencive back/defencive halfback, though not of course a cornerback, according to down and distance situations. Couldn't a team at least earn themselves effectively an additional roster spot on your smaller rosters with such a guy if he really can be an effective tweener?

The CFL started the trend of using tweeners as "coverage LB's" 5-6 years ago. It is quite common that the SAM LB for sure is a tweener, and some use one in the WILL spot as well, with only the MLB being a true LB.

That's probably the more common approach now than "pure" players at LB, as Wally espouses. There may be some down and distance situations where bigger or smaller packages are deployed, but the setup I described above is probably the most common.

Well, I wouldn't draw too much into Buono's comments about 'tweeners. Because a week after he said that, the Lions signed Miami's Anthony Reddick, who is 6' 0" 210 lbs...the same size as Shabbazz and the Lions current backup safety McKekearn. But apparently Reddick is very fast, which may be more of a factor than his 'tweener stature. Perhaps more accurately Buono believes that Shabbaz doesn't have the speed to play DB, but is too small to be a regular LB.

I wouldn't feel sorry for Shabazz, he's had a good career. Maybe he'll make a good coach somewhere if he doesn't get a call.

I think Wally nailed it.

Shabazz just isn't durable enough to play the WIL position, you may get half a season out of him at that position before the physical beating takes it's toll on him. And he just isn't the best cover guy for the SAM of Safety spots, he really is in-between the 2 positions.