Sideek Shabazz to Wpg. for Ellis

....Great trade for the Bombers.....i believe the BigBlue stole one here.... :wink: :thup:

Just because of the name, I believe you are right…

IMO, Shabazz had a pretty good year ... this one is a bit of a head scratcher. I agree papa, the Bombers got the better of this deal.

Orgy of Linebackers in the Peg…

Yes but Shabazz can also play safety…a sore spot for the Bombers since Kyries Hebert left…

I'm at a lost to figure how Winnipeg is going to work their ratio. There is no way Serna comes back.

So, like, did you guys get Danny M. liquored up beforehand...? :expressionless:

...NO LIQUOR INVOLVED.....however we did offer Danny some dancing lessons to improve his moves....don't know if that'll help any......I sure like the way Shabazz lays on the big hits, chief.....something the Bombers have been missing for quite awhile.... he's also a very heady player...Our d is shaping up quite nicely..... :thup: :rockin:

And our D is looking worse every day. I thought Hall was a defensive coach. Why isn't he smacking Danny M. around right now? :roll:

Hope Mo can play lots of positions for ya.

Me thinks that the Eskimos felt they had an excess of quality linebackers with the signing of Maurice Lloyd. Trading from strength is always a good idea.

Totally agree eskfan, now the trade makes more sense.

Yeah... But I still like Shabazz. Guess I gotta cheer for the Bombers now... :frowning:

.....yessssssss......i know you're only funnin' with me chief.....BUT ... i agree ....Shabazz is the sleeper through all of these moves...the guy is talented and versatile....he should be in the awards group in 09.....GoBigBlue...

:thup: :rockin:

Enlighten me - who are these other LB's in Eskimoland that give them such depth? They have Mo, okay. But they cut Barroneachea (sp?), trades Shabazz, Garrett is older than dirt - I fail to see this depth.

It makes more sense to me as a salary dump from Edmonton's part to pay Mo.

Even for Winnipeg, what in god's green earth do they need another LB for?

.....his versatility is the key here any case... rumours abound that we will move one of our talented linebackers in the near future...stay tuned... :wink:

would/could you guys be interested.... :roll: ??????

Besides Lloyd, the Eskimos have two solid Canadians in Scott Coe and Tim St. Pierre and watch for former Oregon State standout Derrick Doggett to emerge as a big play guy.

If I were GM, yes. I'd be most interested in Lobendahn (sp?) should he come available, and then Moreno. I assume both are untouchable. Simpson - would have to be for limited funds. Hall - don't know enough about him to say.

…Scott Coe retired this morning, heard it on the radio…

Thanks Red, that’s too bad, I always liked Scott, he added a bit of colour to the game.