Side Bet confident are you.....anyone wanna put some pride on the line for Fridays game.........Third, Ro, Marty.....whattta you say.....

Piggy, I am not being arrogant nor overconfident, but given that:

  • The Als never lost their season opener
  • We are playing at home
  • We're receiving a team that finished last in its division with the league's worst record last year
  • I haven't seen any shining star in your lineup in the preseason games beside the ones we already knew you had
  • You have a rookie coach, who just happen to be the former assistant of Don Matthews, who's the master of mind games...

... I'd be very very disappointed if we dropped that game. You may beat us this season, but I'd expect it to come further down the road. Or at least next week when we play in your backyard.

This is the CFL and anything can happen, but on an Alouettes season opener, you should receive the spanking we usually lay on our first prey.

Enjoy the game nonethless. Hey, At least football's back !

What 3rd said :wink:

If you do want to put some money on it, how much you looking at?

Third, it is impossible to argue with your brilliant logic.

On the other hand, since when did logic have anything to do with the wild and wacky CFL?

AH, football's back!!!!! Can't wait for Friday.

Just that with Sanchez out, our corners might be a weak spot.

We may have a weak corner, but since were playing a team that has only two receivers, we should do well nonetheless... :wink:

And a backup QB at best! LOL!
Maybe they'll want Greene after this game!!

Winnipeg's O-line better be ready; with Crutchfield on one corner and likely a rookie (Cox, Kent, Patton, or Brightful) on the other with Sanchez out, I have this feeling that to compensate we'll be bringing the blitz a reduce the time the Bomber QB has to find an open receiver. Let's see Stewart and Butler coming off the edge and running up the sack total!

And Marty........Greene? Do you think they would think he's an upgrade on Glenn? I am not as down on Glenn as many are; I think he can still improve; Greene however has hit his plateau, what you saw the past few years is all one can expect.

I don't know about all you other Als fans, but I'll be most interested in watching our defence, to see what style we play (please, please bring back the pressure defence)...and if we start using that three-man rush and drop everyone else back in coverage I'll heave! Also looking forward to seeing the new guys, Acholonu, Mackey, Romero et al; let's hope we have found a new star or two.

I'm also eager to see how our defense fares, but I do not wish to see them on the feild too much, as that would means the Bombers are on offence a lot.

Like most Als fans, I'm more concerned with how the defence does than the offence. The D is substantially different in terms of personnel this year, they've had a whole offseason to come up with a solid game plan, and it was our weak spot last year for sure. I'm not worried about Calvillo & co., even if they struggle in Friday's game. A.C. always gets it together and we are too deep and talented at receiver not to pile up points.

That being said, I'm with Third_And_Ten. It's hard to imagine the Als dropping their home opener to a rebuilding team with a rookie head coach and an unproven quarterback.

Montreal's defense is going to be fine. Chip Cox will be rookie of the year in the CFL this year. I expect that by mid-season if Montreal is healthy they will have the fastest most agressive defense ever seen in this league. They have some really fast mean guys here...its a good thing DMac retired...

it is good to see so many intelligent wager is pride only....of which I know Als fans have plenty of......the spread is pride tells me that the Als will not cover it.....

I think AC will have no mercy so I think we'll beat the spread :smiley:
He's got no mercy on the feild.. hense him wanting to play all the time!

The question is, can O'Neill Wilson step up and fill Dave Stala's shoes?

O'Neil Wilson should go play with Ted White, wherever that is.

Honestly, I have no idea why O'Neill Wilson is still on the roster. What do the coaching staff see in him?

I'm also a little concerned about the kick return game with Landry being out. We supposedly are going to try out a rookie DB at the position and it's making me quite nervous. If there's one thing rookies do on kick returns, it's fumble the ball.

:lol: To Side Bet:
      Your so full of hot air about the Als as when those Fabulous Argos take to the field against the Als,you guys will think that you were hit by a speeding locomotive bearing down the track at you!.

Go Argos-cheers/Aucklander

I cant believe I have to swallow my pride......for 3 and half quaters it was in the bag......I am looking forward to the next meeting......