Siddeeq Shabazz Released

From the Sun:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers continued the transition from one regime to the next on Thursday by releasing outside linebacker Siddeeq Shabazz.

Shabazz wasn’t surprised by the move, considering he had not heard from Paul LaPolice until the new Bomber head coach called him on Thursday to give him the news.

“I already kind of figured something might happen, being that I was a leader on that team and I hadn’t heard from them,? Shabazz said Thursday from Las Cruces, N.M. “Normally I’d get a call from the head man.?

Even though the 29-year-old had an inkling he was going to get cut, he was still somewhat surprised LaPolice made the move.

“Obviously he doesn’t know who Siddeeq Shabazz is,? the hard-hitting linebacker said.

The Bombers acquired Shabazz from the Edmonton Eskimos last February for defensive end Kai Ellis. Shabazz sprained his ankle before training camp and then suffered a foot injury in Week 5 that he said hobbled him for the rest of the season.

Shabazz figures he was playing at about 70% after injuring his foot, noting he accumulated most of his statistics in the first few weeks of the campaign. That included four interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. He notched 72 tackles and 14 special teams drops.

Shabazz figures he won’t be out of work long.

“I figure it would be crazy if I didn’t get picked up,? he said.

hey how do i delete i thread i posted the same thing right after you. your fingers are faster lol!!

Are you serious? :o I hope Edmonton re-signs him.

Wow... Obie... get on the phone... Shabazz wants PAYBACK!!!!!.... lmao!!!

Here come the "He sucked anyway" comments!!!!!!

This move is a real puzzler to me. . .

I'm not overly suprised... after the Lenny Walls release, the only thing that would really suprise me is if we released Doug Brown... or didnt take back Hef if/when he comes back...

Henti Baird and Chad Nkang really look like they could be good OLB's in this league.... this only make me that much more excited to see these guys in TC next season...

Will is a very easy position to find good players at IMO

However, Sideeq is a very good player, and I sure hope he signs out west.

This has to be a salary dump. Shabazz is a good player.

The Bombers obviously have cap issues.

I hope Hamilton picks Shabazz up.

i have to agree... when shabazz was healthy, he was a force, we must be right at the edge of the cap . . . either that or mack and lapo have a brand new way of building the team that i dont think i agree with

Not even a late round draft pick for him or futures or soemthing, anything ?

Kelly must have broke the bank on him making him untradable.

Why? He's nowhere near as good as Knowlton or Johnson and he'd take away a NI starter if you put him at safety.

I'm still just gonna wait and see this year. No expectations or judgments yet. It's Lapo's team...I'll let him build it and see how it works...learned my lesson last year... LOL

.......EXACTLY Kubie.....I thought Shabazz came in here like gang busters ...played extremely well and then disappeared...I think it may have to do with the guy that brought him over from the schmoes...LaPo and Mack seem to want to purge any players that had big connections to Kelly....This could come back to haunt us.....however i think Shabazzs' desire to play for the Bombers really went out the door with the 'professor of football' :roll:

Shabazz is gone? Holy moly, didn't see that one coming. When healthy, he's a game-breaker on defense. Winnipeg's loss may become another team's gain.

.....IF he regains his form of the first part of last year, he 'could' be a difference maker....I think the two biggest disappointments, besides the Kelly failiure, were Shabazz and Fred Ried...towards the end of the season their play dropped off significantly....As far as replacing Sideeque ,we have a couple of very good candidates signed..We'll see how good at acquiring talent Mack is at tc. :wink:

I wonder if they will blame Taman for this again this year :roll:

I would sign him to compete at defensive halfback in TC. We are planning on using an import there anyway. Make him compete against Jason Shivers, Will Poole, LaRoche Jackson and Lamont Reid, and may the best man win.

To my recollection, he’s never played the HB spot. . . always either an OLB or safety. . . Edmonton used him in both positions, in Winnipeg I think he was always at OLB, they never put him at safety (or HB).

He played safety last season when Ian Logan was hurt.

Like others, I was surprised but not surprised by this move. He started off so strong and did disappear after he came back from his injury. How much that injury played a part in it, who knows.

I stand corrected, thanks Blue Blood.

Tough for me though. . . my favourite two Bombers from last season (Hefney, Shabazz) are now gone. . .

im sorta shocked but not really… another one of kellys boys who he traded for and probably in all likelihood since they couldnt trade him, signed to a crazy contract extention aswell. ill always remember hearing about shabazz being traded here and then 2 months later or something hurting his leg wrestling with his brother. on the field tho shabazz looked for for about 4 weeks then disapeared completely. must have been getting paid alot. oh well, ill agree with kubie and have a wait and see approach. i see no need to be upset about releasing players from a team who were 7-11 and had some apparent locker room issues. do i think its a salary dump tho? no i just think lapo and mack think they can find a better younger cheaper replacement, mentioned names include nkang,baird,samario houston…

im under the wait and see approach while remaining optimistic about the season… heres the thing, what type of d are we gonna run? who knows… gotta trust that lapo and company are making moves they feel is best for the team. our d was somewhat over rated last year anyways… yes our offense was on the field alot but our d certainly didnt get alot of 2 and outs when they could have… lots of yds given up… TONS… but yeah… im under the wait and see what camp brings approach.