Sick to my stomach!

I'm done with my Bombers. Can't take this garbage anymore. Never going to watch a Bomber game or the CFL ever again.

...until next week, anyways. Right? :roll:

You should move to Toronto :lol:

If the season ended today. Edmonton would be my pick to win it all. They are monsters...

You mean the same Toronto that only played for 3 minutes and beat your big, bad, kitty cats?

Still 4 games left, Don't jinx them :lol:

We have nothing to worry about with tzatziki boy leading the cats.

Yup, clean up a couple of those mistakes and Hamilton is unstoppable :rockin: actually Dangerous :rockin: :rockin:

They also beat the Eskimos, they could be the dark horse going into the playoffs. Any team that can put together 3 wins in a row might be the team that takes it . Calgary looks to be the favourite but after that it's anybodies guess .

That hit on Bryant at the end of the game was like he was standing to close to the dynamite.

Yup Ticats beat the Eskimos pretty handily :rockin: thanks oil rocker

I think Adarius Bowman was on the Cats payroll that night.

Argos should have lost to Edmonton, another lucky win just like the Hamilton game ! There luck is bound to run out, you can't rely on luck every game :roll:

Yeah lucky that idiot Sinkfield decided to strike a zoolander pose at the Argos coaching staff LMAO !

And what does that have to do with my Adarius Bowman comment? Oh yeah...Ti-Cat fan.
Maybe I need to type slower for you to understand...although for the life of me I can't figure out how to show that in a post. :lol:

Yes, we get it.
The Argos should never win, they are always lucky, the other team "gave" them their victories.
The Tiger-cats are ALWAYS close to winning every game, they would win every game if the referees would stop calling so many penalties, the other team made illegal hits...etc.

And yet, the standings I see have not only the lucky Argonauts but the sad-sack Alouettes tied with the Tiger-cats.

The CFL should really start awarding points for "what-if" and "if-only" games, rather than the current system of awarding points to the team who scores the most points in the game.

:roll: :?

You are starting to get it :lol: Like I said the Ticats are a Young Dangerous Team, clean up a few mistakes and look out :rockin: If you can't see that, you don't know football :roll:

If you can't see that they are only better than one team in their division, then you don't know sports.

Talk to me in 4 games :rockin:

Bombers aren't very good right now, that's life, that's sports.