Sick play by Frazier

wow great job by fraizer hahaha thats was sick!!

That was a sweet play, but I think that Nick Setta's 100 yard punt is the most impressive play of the game!

Oh for sure that was unreal

Yeah both were sick!

How bout the TSN comentators on Fantuz's catch "Looks like Andy Just Fantuzed them!" hahaha Fantuzed thats friggin sweet

No, please....please don't give Rod Black credit for a sweet line. All day long I was just waiting for him to say that it was a "Fantuztic" catch. Fortunately he never said it.

Fantuztic! I have to take credit for that one. At least as far as i know I was the first one to bring that up on the CFL forums. not bragging just joing the talk.

I missed the game. I had to work at 1pm.

I have tix to the Toronto game though. I won them at Tomas Cooks. I have only missed three games this year and really want to go to the Playoff game (me and the rest of the province).

both were sick? you mean they threw up??

sheesh guys. lets use proper english, not your teenage slang.

come on im not 40years old hahahaha and if rod black can say "fantuzed" I can say sick or dope and maybe even word up hahahaha and just to let you know sheesh isnt really proper english either

dont worry, neither is cflisthebest the way he talks...

It was sick. It was dope. End of story.

someone should tell cflisthebest that proper english uses capital letters too.


you guys, sick is not used any other way then, being Ill not for saying cool or awesome.

no, you're wrong. sick is used to signify that something is cool or awesome.
as in, "yo, that catch by yo murphy was sick!"

"yeah, I know! it was dope!"

"yeah, it was hella sick."

Exactly. Now if we were speaking of cflisthebest's posts... We would use sick or ill in the true sense of the word...


I guess in your R&B world, that makes sense.

but in the real world where communication is important, you don’t talk like that.

that’ll get you tossed out of the office at your job if you start saying crap like that.

Oh please, I'm over 40 and knew exactly what they were talking about. If you want to be a stickler, your use of the word "cool" is incorrect. It really means unpleasantly cold!

You know, talking using inappropriate language is wrong... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Hahahaha in my R&B world whatever DUDE it doesnt matter on forums or when talking to my friends if I was to say speak with the priminister I might not use slang but other wise who cares the issue of this thread was that Frazier made a SICK play

It's also good to have good communication skills and understand what the younger people are saying. I would consider myself younger, and I don't go around using those slangs, but unless you've completely ignored the world you should at least understand them.