Sick of the Patriots

I have never had any real opinion of the Pats, but is anyone else getting as tired of all the Patriot-hype as me?

They are a good team, but the greatest? Maybe one of the best during the salary cap/free agency era, but one year and an easy schedule does not make them the greatest.

I am also noticing a real cockiness in Tom Brady I have never seen before. Am I imagining this?

You're not alone. I didn't bother with tonight's game because I didn't feel like listened to Madden and Michaels gush over Brady like a couple of school girls.

It's amazing how good you can look beating up on crap teams.

Here! Here! I also have to admit that the whole videotaping thing with Belicheck and his avoidance of owning up to it has really put me off to this team.

Its brutal. Karma will get them sooner or later.


orrrrr . . . .

. . . .15-1

...just wish they played more than just a couple of good teams this season. Lots of teams can beat the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills. The Colts who have been hit with the injury bug have had to play a much tougher schedule and were only a Peyton Manning mistake away from beating the Colts...just don't think the Pats would be the same team with a real schedule or videotaping (just my opinion...)

It's not like me to miss the Sunday Night game, but I knew what was coming. I watched Supersize Me.

Exactly. This season and Brady's future TD record were practically handed to them.

I am from Seattle and the year the Hawks went to the SuperBowl, all i heard was how easy their schedule was. They blew out a whole lot of bad teams just like the Pats have done so far and just like the Pats, when they played the harder teams, they struggled a bit. Sure, cheating and Belichek's character issues aside, this team is extremely talented, but best ever? Just don't buy the media hype.

re cheif wrote-It's amazing how good you can look beating up on crap teams.--------------- a quik study and 19 nfl teams are below 500, and two that are at 500 have scored less than they have allowed against!! SO 21 of the nfl,s teams are CRAP, but i dont think Madden will talk about it :roll:

Not sure what you're on about... but do you honestly think beating up on the down-and-out Jets, the struggling Chargers, the hopeless Bengals, and the future 0-16 Dolphins is impressive? Just look at what happened to them when they played the Colts, a real team.

I find it impressive. The teams know what is coming and they still get lit up for 300 yards by Brady. I never liked the Pats but when they signed by bud Donte Stallworth I had to like them. Everybody talks about how easy the schedule is for them well at least they are putting up 50 points. If they were to go 16-0 and only win by 10 points all the time i would agree but the offense is to dominant to take the soft schedule against them.

They won.

Yes, but...

They didn't score on their opening drive.
They didn't score 34 or more points.
They didn't win by 17 or more points.

In fact, against the Colts, the Patriots looked average.

Wouldn't that mean that the Colts are complete crap if they lost to an average team? They find ways to win and that's what matters.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're a Pats fan...

I am not a Pats fan (you may not have been talking to me). I just watch the NFL.

In all seriousness, they beat the Colts. It doesn't matter that they just barely beat the Colts, it wouldn't matter if it was in OT or if it was a Blowout. It doesn't matter.

The Pats beat the Cowboys a couple weeks before. They have not lost. Every other team has. While Colts, Cowboys, Packers are also looking great.

Be sick of the Pats all you want. That won't change their record or their chemistry.

Go Eagles!!! Can't believe this game is actually competitive!

Anyone think the Ravens have a shot? Another bad team, probably another blowout.

Eh. There defence should keep it interesting, but unless their offence picks up the pace, they won't have a shot.