Sick of people dissing the CFL

First, this is not an angry rant nor is it me letting the these people getting to me but... Its been an on going, disrespect that goes far beyond sarcasm.
Everyone knows the kind of people I'm talking about. The people that compare the CFL to the NFL, the ones that laugh at our league.... especially while in large numbers. I can sit and defend this league anytime but while the the constant negativity... should it always come with the territory? Not to sure about that when (for example) people in Toronto show 20,000 to a game as Champions.
People need to stop comparing the CFL to the NFL... its a completely different animal. Just sayin

Tell those idiots to STFU

I just suggest that they watch both games side by side with the sound off. I then assure them that they will end up watching the CFL game for it's excitement instead of the commercial that is the NFL. I do agree Moonbase, they are completely different animals .

Considering how many people moan about how "unprofessional" the CFL looks, they obviously didn't catch the Raiders and Bears on a baseball field the other night.

Logic and reason won't work on these wannabes as most of them aren't true football fans anyway. Saw this posted at another site and thought it was interesting:

"You're such a weird city Toronto. There is such a vocal group that wants what they consider the top level of sport, but what makes all those sports fans in the states (that you want to be one of so bad) is the level of support for all levels. People in large cities across the US enjoy NCAA football (arguably more so than NFL as NCAA is about the game, NFL is about gambling and basement dwelling losers playing fantasy football) They enjoy it cause it's football and it's a local team that provides them with a sense of community. You want all the glitz and glamour, but have no desire to put in the work and effort to support football at any other level that enables to NFL to thrive like your American counterparts".

The article below adds to the mix:
All-American CFL QB busts; They come to Canada and fail miserably

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After being a big sports fan all my life (as a kid I actually scored baseball games at home) about the only sport I watch regularly now is the CFL. I just got so sick of overpaid, spoiled billionaires that I can't stand listening to them anymore. Most (not all) have nothing relevant to say because they have become so immersed in their life of entitlement.

The NFL is slow compared with Canadian football, but that being said I'm a gridiron football fan first and foremost so even an inferior gridiron league like the NFL rules wise and all American football, still beats the crap out of hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, golf, MMA etc. For me. People can dis the CFL or Canadian football, it means they aren't true real gridiron fans in the first place so no need to respect their opinion on gridiron. As we know, when they interview Americans coming here to try out for the CFL, they say it's different, but it's all football. They know it, we know it, but non-true gridiron fans don't know it. These phoney gridiron fans are just too funny, I don't give them the time of day actually.

The weird thing is they are so transparent in their liking to gridiron, I mean I actually want to say to their face are you for real. I just walk away laughing knowing I want no part of them as real gridiron friends. Phonies.

Of course I really confuse them and say what do they like better, NFL or NHL(NBA, MLB, MLS) etc. The question is for me not what I like better, NFL or CFL, even if the CFL didn't exist the NHL and every other league would be lower on my totem pole than the NFL. They don't understand that, most of these sorts. They think Bautista trumps Ellingson just because he plays in a "major league". NO. And then they look at me all confused. What do you do? :? :? :? :? Phil Lind at his best, and Paul Godfrey etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not saying I'm "right", it's just right for me not to respect Bautista over a top CIS linebacker. That's my choice, doesn't mean I'm "right", who knows what's "right". It's all subjective liking for sport, art, culture etc. All in the eye of the beholder.

I think a lot of people dissing the CFL have never really watched the game and aren't really giving an informed opinion. The players in the CFL make a lot less than the NFL and that may have a lot to do with the CFL's reputation.

tigger, the CFL and other leagues like the "MLS" (not a soccer fan but MLS is a bit like the CFL) confuses a lot of people. And that is just too friggin funny for me. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

So never get sick of people dissing the CFL, just laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I say. 8)

I totally Agree the CFL is a Great Game, CFL Refs need improvement that's my rant, but the game is Great, It's Canadian and more exciting to watch than the NFL and a bunch of over paid bums!!!

dissing the NFL is equally as disgusting.

I agree "two wrongs don't make a right" and if you love football, I would think that you would support both leagues.

I love football, but do not care for the American version of gridiron.

Why should I support the NFL if I do not care for the game itself?

Uneducated fans may not know the level of play in the CFL but the NFL and plenty of NFL free agents do.
Canada is the only other country that plays Gridiron football on a high level. The NFL not only loaned the CFL money when they had a cash flow problem, no such luck for the UFL, but now they are getting involved with the CIS. With the NFL looking at not just CFL players but now CIS players to expand there pool of players.

i completely agree with you guys, im part of a younger generation that has recently started watching CFL football again and what irks me is that people will talk down to the CFL because it is for the most part a working class league. While the youth nowadays is obsessed with shiny objects that flash in front of them; I do not in any way say we have a working class league as any form of critique, because anyone who watches gridiron knows that the NFL does a great job of glamourising their product, and thats what people my age seem to be in it for, besides the fantasy aspect. Zip(spider) cameras should be getting use during all games, not just grey cups. Aesthetics is a major selling point, and i`ll admit it really bothers me to see soccer lines on our pitches. We are on the rise though, we are expanding and (all) Canadians will soon return to giving OUR League the respect it deserves. :slight_smile:

Personally, I dislike NFL football. I think it's too slow, with 4 downs and having to move the ball 10 yards, not to mention the 40 second play clock.. I love the CFL game, 3 downs really makes the teams push the pace, and the 20 second play clock means anything can happen in the last 2 minutes. I also hate how commercialized the NFL is.. it's way too "America" for me I guess.

you don't HAVE to support the NFL, like you I don't watch a lot of it either, but it is similar to the CFL, just a little slower and not as exciting, but if you like football and can't get enough of it, the NFL can be a good substitute until the CFL starts up again.


so on a thread that talks about how someone doesn't like the dissing of the cfl turns into bashing the nfl..the game..the players and the fans ..

"HYPOCRITES" comes to mind ..

I say get used to the bashing cfl fans wanna dish it out ya better get used to getting it ..

Football is football, liking one league over another is fine but man, it's all gridiron. The more successful the NFL is, that helps Canadian football as since the NFL gets most of the hype and glitzy buzz with American media coverage and the big stadiums etc. this helps get kids pumped here to play which in turn helps the CFL as the best, apart from a very, very few that make the NFL, will end up in the CFL if they want to play pro and win the Grey Cup.

Yes, the NFL game is slower and more mechanical, I find it harder to watch from that aspect than the CFL but as a real gridiron fan, I like the NFL better than any other pro sports league out there, apart as I say from the CFL.

I visit many NFL sites and push CFL ball, but what I hate is the canadians that call it every name in the book on these sites and that is just to appease the americans on those boards. And I will mention that also, and then they get really wild. lol

I totally agree with this.