Sick of CANUCKS-infested media

It's over!! Deal with it! WHEN will the local media EVER get fully behind our own home-grown CFL!?? Canucks this! Canucks that! I'm sick of hearing nothing but our "can't get past the second round" hockey team! LET IT GO, Team 1040!! Start pumping the local support for our Lions and the CFL!!!!!!!!!!!

its not near football season yet while nhl playoffs are still going. Come back with your sermon 4 weeks from now.

Buddy......Give your Head a Shake!
We are just a short 2 weeks away, from the "Opening" of CFL Training Camps, and the Exhibition Season.
I agree with the Post.
We happen to be, Vancouver Canuck Season ticket holders for the past 21 years, and we have had more than Enough......non stop talk of the numerous problems with our ever embarrassing underachieving Hockey Team, made up of, very Large Egos and ever shrinking Small Hearts.
It will be the Flyers against the Hawks in the Stanley Cup this year, with the Hawks ( made up of 6 of our Local Boys on that team!) WINNING the Cup!
Enough said of that, ......lets see, if Taylor and Pratt and McDonald and Rintou can talk about something else for once....besides how BAD and Spineless, the Canucks really are?
The CFL Football is here........lets hear about that...for once!

so, you are upset about the Canucks and you want to drown your sorrows in football. Doesnt make it wrong for other Canucks fans to still want to talk about it. Football doesnt start for me until the first season game, and I am by far a greater football fan than hockey, or any other sport. However, I want actual games to watch and talk about. All this training camp conjecture is boring, and usually misleading as to how the season actually unfolds.

Drown our sorrows in Football? LOL
Once again, being a season ticket holder…( Who actually financially supports the Team, with my Hard earned dollars, as opposed to the guy who just sits in front of his TV and calls himself a Fan ) …and having gone to more than 40 home games this past year alone, and watching them self distruct for the upteenth time in the Play offs…Yes…we have all had enough of that Crap, for this year, at least.
Why do guys like you?, want to continue to beat a dead horse, when the race, is long over and done with.
Funny how you want to live in the past, and drag the Canuck Topic out for as long as you can, when the season is LONG OVER for our Pathetic Over Paid and Spineless Team of European Girly players.
Yet…you do not want to talk about our CFL season, that is just 2 weeks away? LOL
The NHL season and all the Hoopla and Anticipation of that “up coming season” , starts with Training Camps and the Exhibition season, as the same holds true, for our up coming CFL Football season.
The Hype and the Build Up, is what us “Real Fans” of any sport, relish and enjoy and long for.
Once the seson is over…it is “OVER”!
Talking about the Canucks and their Very Average at Best Luongo, and his lack of Leadership, his lacking of Actual Talent, or having the Balls to deliver, when the chips are down, is rather reduntant, to say the least.
On the other hand, if you are wanting to talk about all of our LOCAL HOME GROWN BOYS, who are playing for the Future Stanley Cup winning Chicago Black Hawks…like Andrew Ladd, Brent Seabrook, Troy Brower, and Colin Fraser ( Funny how none of them were Good enough to play for the Canucks? LOL) well…I am all for that!
But in regards to the Canucks?
They are a Total Embarrassement and so are we, for actually supporting them, year after year!
Drown our sorrows in Football?
Not at all!
But I am, really looking forward to spending less of my money, while getting MORE Bang for My Buck, to watch a Team ( My BC LIons) that will actually Show Up to Play, Game in and Game out…more so, than the Canucks have ever done, for my hard earned Dollars.
Thank God, that the Europeans haven’t gotten into “REAL” Football yet!
Could you imagine…Football with “No Hitting” and “No GUTS” displayed, when it comes to the Regular season or the Play Offs? LOL
Bring on the CFL Season, enough of the “Ball Less” Over Paid Canucks!
Walley should coach the Canucks…he wouldn’t put up with that lack of effort, from any of them!

Well here we go again, more people complaning that all the sports shows talk about is canucks , canucks,canucks.

I wish people would[i]get use to it , that this a hockey town first and then football, anything to do with hockey come first, that] is the way it has always been since the canucks enterd the NHL in 1970, infact cknw has JP MACONELL on the other day , he was saying how the lions got pushed aside when the canucks came into the NHL, except for the mid 80's the canucks will always be number one, Know i do agree that if the lions are winning they are the best bang for the buck in this town, and a lot of people know that, that is what Bobby Ackles did when he came here, got the fans excited when the are winning.

i love the canucks

i love the lions

why can't people love both ?

where did I say that I was one who still wanted to talk Canucks. I am too busy watching the actual games still being played.

Go Flyers…as if…sigh

...them talking about the Canucks now is one thing, but when they are still talking Canucks 24/7 in mid July (and it will happen) then it becomes too much. That coupled with the fact the Lions have been moved to 1410 a.k.a. Team 1040 Jr. is disgusting. Bobby Ackles is rolling in his grave cause radio coverage was of the utmost importance with him

Canucks? Are they going to take the cup this year? Oh...yeah, sorry I forgot. Come on guys, think about it. It's all about ratings, whether it's newsprint ratings, radio or TV. The media will milk it for all it's worth and then they will move on after the Stanley Cup has been won. Sports news sells as long as it is what the "fans" want to see and read about.

Sports news is 365 days a year! Doesn't matter what sport it is. Patience is the order of the day for those die hard Canucks fans who are going through withdrawal and are still going through the 5 stages of grieving. Eventually they will arrive at "acceptance" and come to realize that the Canucks were in fact unceremoniously dumped by the Hawks in the second round and are now on the links or enjoying beach time with their families. I'd be hard pressed to believe they are even bothering to watch or listen to Canucks news. But the hockey season is not over- in fact in Canada it is never really over is it? After a few steaks on the old barbie we'll be reading about the Canucks training camp once again if not sooner. :roll:

I'm sure as soon as the last puck is dropped for the current NHL season, the CFL will be front and centre. I hope they do those huge full page pictures of our B.C. Lions like they did with the Canucks. That would be awesome!

Don't worry the Lions will be all over the Province/Sun even before the stanly cup is over, but i do agree once games 7 is over for the stanly cup (if there is a game 7) it will be all Lions talk, exspecally this year ( with the opening of Empire). and on top of that We do have a new President he will make sure the lions are not left out of the media. He said it on cknw last week talking to BILL GOOD , he said the lions have slipped a bit through the media a bit since the death of Bob Ackles, he said that we are going to build that up again and keep it there. That is what Bob would want and it is what i want, it will happen.

The Lions could win the Grey Cup the next three years and there will be more attention given to the Canucks. Why?
Its trendy/cool to be a Canucks fan and Vancouver is a huge yuppie city.
Second, people here love hockey.
Third, $$$ for marketing. The CFL will never match the NHL here. No chance. The Canucks can easily buy more radio/tv/billboard adds than the Lions could dream of.
Fourth the belief that the quality of players and entertainment is directly associated with price. Srsly. I know quite a few who scoff at the CFL because of how cheap tickets are. OBVIOUSLY it can't be any good if the average person can afford it! DERP /facepalm...

True that. It's also pretty much the same across Canada.
Hockey is just more popular than Football. I'm fine with it, because I'm a big fan of both sports...

You're especially right about Vancouver being a yuppie city.
Canuck fans don't hold a candle on their western counterparts in Edmonton and Calgary in my opinion...

There are few of what I'd call true fans of the Canucks. The bandwagon is probably the biggest in the NHL but how many diehards are there?

Another thing is i am looking forward the stanly cup finals but people in this town are making it out as if the canucks are in it.

GIVE ME A BREAK I bet you that the final does not live up to its billing and the Hawks win 4 streight. all that hype for nothing.

Who cares... this is the Lions Forum... So Mr Dupsdell go post hockey related material on another site. I don't know why you continually do this???

OMG??? :o The province paper dared to have the whitcaps on their "front" page instead of the lions

Hang em I say, Hang em

how dare anybody in Vancouver even mention any other team or sport year round. :x

In all fareness to some media, if they know there is a problem they do try to address it. Case in Point.

 In Powell River we get the edition of the Province that goes to press about 10:00 Pm.  A Sat. night Lions game at home and no coverage in Sundays paper.  Mondays paper comes and not a single word about Sat. game, but     5    pages on the Cunucks in the middle of July.   After several nasty email to Jonathan McDonald he listened  and we now get the game write ups up here.    Thank you JM

Well after every game here there is always a good right up in the sun or province in vancouver, i do not know what paper you are reading.

Maybe having a longer than 18-game, 5 month season would help in that area.

I read an Edmonton Sun newspaper Saturday passing through Fort St. John and there is a town that gets behind its sports teams. Coverage of the Eskies Rookie camp - The first 3 pages of an extensive sports section with pictures and articles, where to begin! I noticed that they expect Grey Cup tickets to be sold out in another day or two.We'll never be in their league for community spirit.