Sick & injured

What amazes is me is how sick the Leos were on Saturday night yet they still managed to win the game. Just finished reading the article on the game in the Vancouver Sun. The following players were sick or injured:

#51 - Barrin Simpson - battling flu & diahrrea (sp?) left the game prior to the second half and took in 2 L of IV so that he could continue the game in the second half.

#23 - Mark Washington broken collar bone in the 3rd quarter, but kept playing

#31 - Dante Marsh - broken finger, kept playing

#9 - Barron Miles - out with Chicken Pox

#2 - Sam Young - damaged heel

#96 - Tyrone Williams - lacerated left hand, 6 stitches at half time, kept playing

#26 - Carl Kidd, #3 - Ryan Thelwell, #82 - Jason Claremont, #64 - Angus Reid plus another 6 - 8 players were all suffering from flus & colds.

#16 - Buck Pierce - got over his flu, but lost 9 lbs since the previous Monday.

Almost half the team was sick or injured...AND THEY STILL MANAGED TO WIN THE GAME!! That tells me, and should tell everyone in BC that the 2005 Lions are THE REAL THING!!

Here comes the Grey Cup...back home to BC!!

The Lions are Not Pussy bitches like all the other teams in the CFL.

......I see they managed to get the Day Room computer at Riverview up and running again......

Great…Another one crawls out of the woodwork…

Washington will be missed against Edmonton. Any word on who is going in his place?

Also, any word whether Barron Miles is over his chickenpox. (From what I kids, chicken pox lasts about 8-10 days.)

Haven’t heard anything yet on his condition…but I think he will be better for Sat.

i agree... haven't heard an update on Miles... but i'd bet that he'll be good to go next game... as for Washington... i heard today that he could be out for 6 weeks

ya i heard Washington could be gone awhile, and also that Tony Tiller will most likely fill his shoes. I also heard that Ryan Phillips hurt his foot late in the game and revieved a mild concussion when him and Washington collided. I love these stories when you hear someones sick or injured and they keep on playing, just shows there character, and how much they want to win.

Washington had his arm in a sling on Sunday at Hastings Racecourse. I give him credit, though, as he was still out there signing autographs (he signed my program),and talking to fans. It was his signing arm that was in a sling.