Sick and Tired

With all the sanctimonious defenders of Miller, Taman , Berry, Daley and Etcheverry. Stopped watching the game aftter Armsteads' TD. Next year Calgary 1, Edmonton 2, BC 3, and we are last.
Same old BS line from coaches and players the last 3 games, and same old results. Taman is a loser. Berry is a loser, Daley is the biggest loser ever, Etcheverry thinks he is brilliant but there isn't a single CIS team that would touch him as a coach. Wonder about Hopson. Don't know much about Freeman. Keep Mike S as Dline coach. Get Chris Jones and/or Richie Hall. We are totally screwed this year with our GM and Coaches

IF Richie isn't in Edmonton next year. The Eskimo resurgence may have saved Hall his job.

What about Ken Miller? What is he saying to our team at this point?
Kent Austin would not be putting up with this crap. We now have two games before the playoffs start. If we don't make a huge (this is an understatement) improvement before then we don't even have a prayer against BC or EDM on our home field.

Taman has almost single-handedly driven this team into the ground. His track record in Winnipeg speaks volumes.

No way would a Tillman/Austin team sink this low. It's getting embarrassing listening to the excuses from Miller and his merry crew.

Time to take your head out of the sand coaches!

I completely agree we have a huge coaching problem on special teams, offense and defense. However, the players are a part of this team and they are also a part of the problem. These guys have been good tacklers in the past so why are they poor tacklers now? Regardless of how bad the special teams coaching is and the offensive play calling is the players still need to tackle, catch the football, and protect the football. They have obvious problems right now but it is unlikely the coaching situation is going to change with 2 games remaining in the season. The Riders will have a home playoff game and an opportunity to turn their season into something positive. I believe they can get it together and have a shot in the playoffs.

Bring back KENT!! :cry: