Sick and Tired of the Whiners and Negative Posts!

Positive people still find positive things to say, negative people will always have Negative thoughts! :stuck_out_tongue:
Still 16 games to go, GREY CUP here we come. GO CATS GO! :rockin:


The Ars& H*&^% will have us for lunch. Have you noticed Ricky Ray has time to throw the ball? Do you notice there is a pass rush............... Funny how other teams find a new coach and have a way of getting the job done...............Reality sucks!

YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:


The Argos look pretty good, it's going to be a tough game on Saturday.

Is that a negative or positive comment?

I'm a bit concerned about our return cover team, especially facing Owens. Hopefully they get Kelly back in the lineup to help there - he seems to be able to use his speed and wingspan effectively to stop the returners, or at least slow them down enough to let the rest of the team to get there.

As for the rest, I saw improvements, enough to say they should be able to handle the Argh-os. But it'll probably be another close one.

Whether positive or negative, that is what a community forum is about. Sometimes its just a matter of venting after a loss. All opinions are welcome, just dont get personal. In the end , we are all fans.

It’s funny, we lose 39-36 on the road against the defending champs while the Argos win 39-36 at home against a back-up quarterback, so therefore the Argos are going to eat us for lunch.

That 39/36 lose we took really flatered the Ticats IMO :thdn:

I agree on Kelly's ST skills and noticeable all-out effort, whenever he's on the field. I don't recall noticing, or hearing the name of, Onrea Jones during the BC game and think Kelly should be in his spot as the IMP backup WR. I did though notice the work of both Stephenson and Fournier on STs and certainly wouldn't be in any hurry to get Darcy Brown back in uniform.

Why exactly? Let's see. We had a huge run for a TD; they got a TD due to a couple of dumb penalties. We got a TD on a punt return; they got a TD on a punt return. We got 359 yards passing for four TDs because BC's defence had a bad game; they got 178 yards passing for two TDs because our defence sucks. We had a TD-saving interception called back; they got a TD off an interception.

Really, the big difference in the game was our inability to stop their punt & kick returners. They also got a bit more pressure on Burris than we got on Lulay, probably due to our o-line not gelling yet.

I re-watched the first half, and I'm still reserving judgement on Stephenson, as he was only called on to block once. That was on the Ticats' first offensive play, and he did a pretty good Darcy Brown impersonation. In his defence, the play was designed to go to the weak side and if it had worked, the linebacker he let through wouldn't have come into play; however, it was stuffed by the other blitzing linebacker, allowing his guy to contain Walker.

And I would have liked to see both Stephenson and Fournier in on short yardage, with Porter under centre. The fact that Cortez isn't using Porter on short yardage makes me wonder if he is considering trading him soon.

big X2, we deserved to win just as much if not more than the Lions in that one, just your average cat "fan" looking for any excuse to crap all over our team.

I believe that the cats only got consistant play in the 4th quarter when the Lions backed off abit. Also they were kind
and didn't finish their drive for a td at the end.
This team is inconsistant at best. Yes we have some explosive players, but you still need the whole team to play well
it you want to be successful. miss tackles, miss picks,poor pass coverage,poor pass rush,poor punt returns,poor punt
coverage etc etc. Next week against the Argos will tell the tail. :cowboy:

And how many sustained drives did BC have, aside from the one assisted by a dumb face-masking penalty?

The missed tackles were mostly on returns, which I have already conceded is a problem that needs to be fixed. Missed picks means the defenders got their jobs done, stopping the completion. Yes, the picks would have been better, but not expected. (There’s a reason they’re DBs and not receivers.) Poor pass coverage? Limited them to 178 yards. I thought Bucknor and Young played very well, and didn’t notice Tisdale and Smith, usually meaning they played well enough to keep passes away from their receivers. The pass rush in the first half looked good when I re-watched it; I’ll be watching the second half again tomorrow.

Looking forward to next week’s game.

Read Uncle Miltys Take....July 10 on scratchingpost . Thats basicly what i was telling you about our situation.

I think Saturday will be a tell-tale sign of how our season is going to go!. :cowboy:

If the home favorites go down to the Leaky Boatmen it will be a very sad time in smog by the bay. :oops: :frowning: