SI: Should other leagues adopt the CFL's replay challenges?

Here is a link to a pretty good SI article which examines the CFL's replay challenge system and whether or not the NFL should adopt it. The NFL has copied the CFL's Toronto Command Centre concept with their "New York Command Center". Officials in a remote location will examine the plays on video and "advise" the on-field referees. Sound familiar? :wink:

CFL system needs tweaking especially with the receiver that isn't in play being challenged but is superior to the NFL system since it results in more correct calls IMHO. And that is ultimately what you want, more correct calls that weren't called correctly by the on-field officials. The Command Centre concept works.

I agree the CFL's system is superior, that's why NFL officials have been studying the CFL's challenge system. There is little question the NFL will follow suit.

I think the CFL went too far with challenges this year, calling phantom penalties which had no impact on the play, slowing down the game. Perhaps the league should go back to last year's challenge setup, but with a loss of a timeout for the 1st unsuccessful challenge?

It could work as long as they tone it down a bit. Too many times we've seen the hail mary challenges this year, which highlights exactly the downfall of such a system.