Shy Ross sucks as a kick returner for the Lions

BC Lions punt(kick) returner Shy Ross is useless! He maybe alethic but not as a punt returner. If you watch him, you will know what I mean.This is why the Elks released him a while back. BC should do the same and get someone else better.

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He certainly hasn't done anything worth mentioning as a returner except catch, and hang on to the football. It's bush league for me to say, but catching and hanging on to the football is, in of itself, worth something.

Is that worthy of him not being released by the Lions? Right now, at this moment, I would say yes. It's worth keeping him because he's Canadian and a receiver. That itself has value in this league. The Lions have a group of receivers right now that will keep him on the sidelines. Ross will probably be one of the first to go if a roster spot needs to be opened. Until then it's worth keeping him. Maybe, when the next training camp rolls around he will have used this time wisely and improve. If not then he will be gone. We haven't yet seen his abilities as a receiver.

But yes, he's not going to make any highlights with his kick returning. Right now he's lucky to be in the situation that he is in. No need to cut him until necessary. In his situation he's lucky to be Canadian.

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I m sure he is making at least 100k a season if not more. Can you justify paying that much just for a mediocre Canadian kick returner? I m sure they can find better Canadian player or better kick returner for that price. Don't forget all the hype about how athletic he is with the flip cookie dunk. Even Nathan Rourke don't make that much at the present time.

You're sure he's making at least 100K? How are you sure? Please do share if you know his contract details. I've never seen them. I'm not sure, and my guess is he is close to, if not at, league minimum. And yes 100K would be a considerable amount for a mediocre returner, and he's not even mediocre.

I haven't forgot about his hype, but I'm not sure how that is relevant.

It's all about value. If there was a Canadian player available with more value Ross would be replaced.


Sure there are lots of Canadian football players out there. Ticats just signed 1 to replace Addison. CFL Rookie contract 65k a year, but he is not a rookie so he is getting more. I m not sure about you, but I don't make $65000 a year and I have a license in a trade.

Even the most mediocre of returners break the odd long one. Exception possibly Charles Nelson - who's horrid, a total waste of an import spot.
Ross is a reliable catcher of the pigskin and has more than average speed, although he's not a burner. He broke a few while playing for Old Dobie at the U of M.
Doesn't really understand blocking wedges & pyramids. Doesn't have the confidence to wait that half-step so coverage sometimes overruns itself and he can break thru.
His focus is catching the ball and refusing to go backwards - which is smart given the current speed/smarts of most of the pursuit guys!


It always amazes me how many on this forum don't have a clue what it costs to run a business. And so they make statements that are long on conjecture and short on fact. The base CFL salary is $65,000 and most salaries range between there and $100,000 with stars considerably above that figure.
One salary I don't agree with is Dominick David who gets + $90,000 to do short yardage plays as he will never even come close to being a starter at QB. Granted he has a league high short yardage touchdowns but there are other QBs in the league that can do that and still adequately fill in if the number one man goes down. And i'm guessing they din't get near Davis salary.

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Ross does not seem to be the type of return man who can suddenly accelerate straight up field or race to the sideline and beat the outside contain man. He does get 4-8 yrs on a return. You may need to wait until NFL cutdown to final rosters and practice squads before you might uncover a return man with the qualities you want.

He’s a wee bit Shy on yardage.

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Yeah i would think Ross may be getting more like 75 k or 80k

He is just
Returns On Catch.

So he should go by