Shutter signs in Regina. For the Rams!

It appears that Cayman Shutter will take advantage of his eligibilty to prove he can play QB. Word out or U of R was that they were looking to sign an expereinced QB for the 2013 CIS season everyone thought it would be Jordan Yantz of the VI Raiders but JIM Mullin of Canadian U Countown has post on the CIS sight that Shutter will be playing as a grad student for the Regina Rams after not getting a starting chance at DI UH.
Receiver Kolton Solomon also was released by the riders and has one more year of eligibility to play for the Rams was a top receiver for Mueller last year.
In what is supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Rams they are rumored to be looking to the Junior ranks to help with the Oline as well to bridge the gap between the recruting class to the left over upper classman.
Cayman Shutter had tremendous succcess after graduating from DI south Alabama and played for York and will be back with york this season.
There may be doubters but look for shutter to light up the CIS and the Can West while hanging at his old home near family and at the same stadium as the Riders.
He probably will not attend Riders camp this year instead begin working out at the new first class on campus Rams football facilities with the Riders being in camp in saskatoon this year

Yantz committed to the Manitoba Bisons at the start of February and has even been through a few practices. He's apparently going to BC Lions camp again, then playing the 2013 season with the Bison.

I realize that but at the time before he commited to Manitoba the Rams had said they were interested in bringing in an experienced QB then Yantz commited to the Bisons. Shutter was doing more than just audition for the CFL but the CIS as well and a nice fit for him in Regina.
I can see Yantz heading back to the BC lions camp as last year he was only the 4 of 4 QBs that were in camp and will fill the CFL mandate of having at least one Canadian QB in camp whether a as an underclassman or a player eligible for the roster Canadian QBs do not count to the Roster.
The Rams got a much better trained and QB that has practiced against a much much higher level of competition at DI UH compared to BCFC VI Raiders.
If you think the Riders are popular now just think if they give Shutter a chance next season or the season after to earn a roster spot.