shuts down another debate!

Well it seems a certain moderator on this site shuts down a debate when it does not suit their opinion. Why is that?

what debate?

the "jman, sambo" and the "Smith found guilty" threads FYB, but the debate was pretty much over anyway, IMO. No one was going to change anyone else's opinion and the discussion wasnt really going anywhere.

those were debates???

Yes, but the emotions got the better of all the posters who were arguing their points in the threads. It was a wise move to shut them down. 05 will disagree with me , but one was getting very personal(smith found guilty) towards the end.

Well there were a couple of guys making it personal and thats why I stated that to prove ones point there is no need for the name calling. I agree on that point. You and I basically settled on these issues but there was one other guy there that targeted me on my opinion which was rather on fair I kept it rather civil as far as I was concerned. CFLesksfan and I will never agree. So it was about to be done anyway. But it seems our friendly moderator involoved shuts it down when it favors his opinion. Now do not get me wrong this moderator does a good job but I found this occurs to often. :lol:
Was the debate dead prbably. But the personal attack on me near the end required a rebutal by me do you not think. For that I take exception. First it was not warranted by this poster. My example was just that an example. This fellow attacks because he does not like my opinion. Hey I remember I have done that but I have learned that if you want your point to get across personal attacks will not get you there. Not once in this debate I used a personal attack yet this guy singled me out for what? I am usually good about this when it is deserved but in this case I do not believe this was warranted.

Yes, maybe it did deserve a rebuttal...but then the other guys wants a rebuttal, then the first guy wants another and it never ends.

It goes on day after day!
Year after bloody year with no end in sight. Neither side willing to give, neither willing to bend. Each one locked into his own opinions never realising that he may be wrong, they both may be wrong, they both may be right but neither can admit it to each other or themselves that they are trapped in an endless argument that will grab hold of them and future generations.

It will hold on to them with a relentless fury, dividing friends, dividing family. Fathers will disowning their sons...Mothers abandoning their daughters. It must stop I tell you! Before it spreads across the planet bringing destruction to everyone it touches....Spreading like a plague on mankind.......

Got carried away there for a second!

Just to prove you wrong, I agree with you we'll never agree. :smiley: :smiley:

I also agree that within reason you always are civil and although we seldom agree on certain things I will usually respect your opinion even when we don't agree. Moreso I always will respect your passion for the game and would hope you would respect mine regardless of whatever philosophical differences we may have.

Even if your usually wrong.


ps, the last line was a joke.

Very true but may I make a suggestion next time you shut down a debate do no agree with the last rebutal.

rw2005 for the first time you were actually making sense and had valid points, it's just a shame it went to waste on closed minded knuckleheads.

This is funny but I do agree with you. And I do value other opinions. I know I get under the skin of some of the bomber fans but most know that it is in fun only. The same goes with most posters I rub the wrong way. The problem is when someone disagrees with an opinion and goes overboard with disrespectful insults. Yes I have done that and many times it is regretable. I do not believe there are to many posters on here that can say they have not does this as well (possibly pappa or sporty) although they seem to have fun as well but not disrespectful. The two fellows I agreed with may have gone way to far I am not apologizing for them. But because I agreed with their opinion it seems I became a target of sorts. I can take it no problem but this person had a good reply only to lower himself to that level.


I was not agreeing with the rebuttal
I was agreeing with the suggestion that it should be shut down!

Ah well then Ro another suggestion you may want to put I agree this thread needs to shut down and then it would not look the other way right. I know you and I have had long winded debates and had fun. But I do realize we both respect each others opinions.

sixpacked posted:

What does hooking Smith up with his daughter have to do with anything? It was a nexample nothing more. I was not saying that indeed this should happen.

I cant believe 05 you are still posting on this. I have never posted on this before.
I remember you were posting on this same topic last summer. again see above Your life/brain must be pretty empty if this the only thing in it. Insult because my opinion is different then yours by the way it was lame do you not think How many posts in this thread have you made, repeating the exact smae thing? Part of the debate process I did not twist your arm to take part.
Just maybe you may enter into the debate earlier instead of taking your one shot.


Thats the way boys, now ro give red your plane and red give ro your horsey, all better.

damn, another good broohah ruin by civility.

Sure hope its not contagious

Ro would not know what to do with my horses. Now planes I have piloted small aircraft. So Ro show up with that plane so I can load the horses. :lol:

Its a good sized plane RW05!
I hope you can handle it.

I wll let you fly it and I will steadthe horses. :lol:

Yeah it was getting bad... Ill admit that...