Shut Your Mouth?

I urge you to look at the fine work being done by the mods on this sight.

I'd no sooner decided that I'd stick to the BC Lions section of the forums (a friendlier atmosphere) when I came across a thread designed for nothing other than to trash talk.

Yes, this place is disintegrating. But I think that the blame is spread across the board and I don't accept that a "few" of us are ruining this place.

JM's telling me to "shut my mouth"....uh, I'm in BC Lions territory, maybe a Saskatchewan fan has no business in here??? and calling me an ingrate is a pretty good indication of the stuff that, while may be prevalent, shouldn't include the mods. Am I right? Should they participate in it or put a halt to it? I'm tired of mods who think there are a double set of for them and one for us. No, no, no...we ALL need to play by the rules. And telling someone to "shut up" is pretty juvenile.

How much abuse do you think LIONS FANS should have to take?

Get a handle on this place, because it's going down. And, as mods, the accountability lies with you.

the thread might've been only 15 minutes old jm, but rather than picking me apart on another thread, perhaps you should resist the temptation to engage in what you're criticizing and be keeping an eye on what's happening across the board.

Invest your time on something more constructive than participating in what you should be eliminating. Would be a better use of your time.

It was 7 minutes old and you were whining....
Do you really think that we can see every thread instantly???????

It has nothing to do with lions fans.....only the fact that you are a troll who looks for problem where there are none....

That being said.....this thread is locked

I told you to "shut your mouth" because you were hacking on the moderating team - again - as you usually do when you don't get your way. It had nothing to do with your sticking up for your team in your team's forum.

You say that a Sask fan has no business here...funny that this Sask fan is the one that habitually roams your forum, looking for the garbage you so readily wanted emptied not twenty minutes ago...and yes, you do need to shut your mouth, or at least wait until you are able to speak objectively before you go spouting off your garbage.

I think, toots, that the accountability lies with people like yourself, just as much as it does with the moderators. Without posts such as yours recently, this forum would be a better place, and I say that in all candid honesty.

Here's what I suggest you do. Take ALL your complaints to the administrators. In the future, should you have dirty laundry to air, do it in private, where you don't appear to be a petty person for doing so, much as you have here.

Try to start another thread like this again, about any poster, and it'll get locked, too.