Shut them up Nick !

Motivation for Nick Lewis...

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"J'm'en câlisse." (Martin Ward)

LOL ???? Cultural significance :slight_smile:

Rather than Nik Lewis, Sask. fans should be worrying about being able to find 7 starting Nationals, as well as players having to deal with 7 new assistant coaches including 2 new co-ordinators.

Sucks we don't get to play their bunch till September and November :twisted:

I love how they are mocking the Als for signing Lewis when they themselves have signed Richardson and it's not clear whether Richardson can even play pro ball again post-injury.

There you are ! :lol:
Harsh but so true :thup:

Les chameaux aboient, la caravane passe. (Capitaine Haddock)

??? Tintin

Bon cop, bad cop.

Exact. Je me souviens pas dans quel album, mais ça vient d'un album de Tintin.