Shut him down

Sportsnet is reporting that the decision will be made today regarding Jesse's status for the rest of the year. ... en_status/

I say shut him down. The team has a reliable backup. The season is toast. Let him fully recover and rehab.
He can not expect to have any interest from a NFL team at this time, nor can he have any allusions of a huge pay raise from the Cats. He must first prove his durability

I agree. Plus it gives Culley and Davis an opportunity to play.

If hes healthy he plays. thats the way it goes. football isnt a sport where its beneficial to sit a player 5-6 games if hes healthy. not to mention the message it sends. if hes healthy he will play maybe sparingly but he will play.

Its also a game where players routinely play when they arent healthy, are rushed back, play in pain, drugged up........all those things for the sake of the wins. We dont have to play jesse when he is 80% or 82.453% this time......we have a chance to let him completly heal and should see it as a luxury, albeit only because we have nothing left to play for this year.


The economic situation of the club will not dive into turmoil.

I agree.

You guys can agree all you want but trust me if hes healthy he will play.

I agree with newworldorder, if he has to sit out a game or two, fine, but the minute he gets clearance from the medical staff, he plays.

That is what pro athletes do. Do any of you actually think that if he is fit to go that Jesse wouldn't want to play. Just watch him on the field, he loves every minute of it, hitting included.

If he can play, play him.

He has LOTS of time in the off-season to heal, and we need to provide Printers with as many weapons as possible in order for #1 to be successful, too.

what if hes not healthy, what if he is still really injured and gets medical clearance? should they play him then? healthy and being allowed to play are different things altogether. You want him healthy or playing hurt? there is a huge difference and he doesnt have to be rushed back for anything. If he was healthy this discussion wouldnt be happening, nodoby questions starting him if he is healthy, thats a given. This discussion is about him playing if he is LESS than healthy. We arent in a position where he has to play for a must win or anything.

^^^^^unfortunately in this business medical clearence means healthy. they are not supposed to clear you if they think you can do more damage. soooo as my previous post says if hes healthy play doesnt say what if he isnt healthy and they clear him. lol. geeez

the original poster said to let him fully recover and rehab. thats what needs to be done in this case.

I hate to say it because jesse is the most exciting player in the league to watch imo, but if he is at all at risk of further injury then sit him but i dont think sitting him for the rest of the season should be the result right away, if it's something that can heal in two weeks then take two weeks but he is still young and if healthy there is no reason to sit and watch while he is still learning and getting better everytime he plays so play him if he's healthy if not sit him, like any regular injury just dont be so quick to jump the gun and sit him for the season.


im just trying to tell you that if the doctor says jesse is healthy he will play. medical clearence = playing----- ask Ray Thomas he played with a broken neck.

If he is healthy he will play of course. Lots of players play with injuries all the time and some even play waiting for the off season to have surgery on injuries. And many end up regretting it. I think this time we shouldnt be so quick to rush him back if he is cleared to play but is less than 100%, they need to think hard this time, its not a must win situation. Ever hear of a game time decision? like printers is now? doctor says he can play if he feels ok......casey decides how it feels, talks to the coaches and they make a decision if he plays or not. Why didnt printers play the last game? he was medically cleared and dressed and ready in an emergency but yet he didnt play? why not? What if it was a playoff game? he would have been in there for the first snap for sure. But it he didnt need to be and rested it longer.

there is a HUGE difference between giving a guy an extra week to heal or shutting him down with 6 games to go after the doctors medically clear him. first and foremost a player must earn his teamates respect. the lockeroom would be disgusted if jesse if physically ready to go and they pulled him out. what about the other guys that are gutting it out. this is a team game. on top of that people are playing for their jobs...coaches included they want to put the best product possible on the field for this season and in preperation for next. soooo TRUST me if hes healthy he will play. period. the casey printers analogy is a bad one.

casey was medically cleared to play, healthy in other words yet he didnt play, why not? if jesse is healthy and able to play he wont sit out, but if they think his injury can benefit from extra time he will get it, guaranteed. I think they are going to take no chances with him in this lost season.

you are def backpedaling and ultimately saying the same thing i was saying in the beginning...if he is healthy medically cleared play him......i think your missing the point. your analogy would hold water if they were still sitting printers. the season is lost yet they are playing their 450000/year man.

*** you have manufactured an arguement with yourself by bringing up if he is cleared and still hurt??? so i ll get out of the way and let you carry on.

let me also add that a hamstring isnt finite. hard for a medical staff to say exactly if a player is or should be ok other than give him sufficient time. ultimatley doctors have to rely on printers to clear him.

Play him.

He's not a china doll. He's a football player. They all get hurt and they all play hurt.

I want to see him play as soon as he's ready and able.