Yes shut down Jamal Richardson and lots of pressure on Cavillo.Give Cobourne and Thigpen a good ground game and let Medlock kick lots of field goals,I say thats the key to a win against the Als this weekend.Let Williams and Johnson deal with Richardson and shut him down,thats the key.What are your thoughts? :smiley:

Sounds good except I would prefer if Medlock kicks lots of converts.

Is Johnson even playing this week?

I would rather not let Williams and Johnson deal with Richardson. He would torch those two guys.

I agree. Bo Smith is our best cover guy (imo). We'll see what Chamblin thinks of my opinion on Sunday!


And that's a sad statement about the rest of our secondary.
Although I think it's actually Turenne that is our best cover guy, albeit with a small sample size of evidence.

We need Turrenne or Webb or both to key on Richardson and knwolton to key on whitalker

right now i don't like our chances with Hinds unable to play and maybe turenne not playing and possible ROSE sitting for ratio reason because of Johnsons retrun

not to mention our young inexperienced receivers in B GRANT, Kelly and Williams nto getting sepersation in thier passw routes

only way we can win is if cobourne i spumped and has great run games and pass receiving day and of these young receivers find a way to ge topen ..and of course oif we have soem plays ready for the ALS to utilize Williams and Thigpens speed and grant and Kellys height ..and oh yeas please use sticky stala more on theose 2knd downs

Carlos Thomas needs to have a good game. Lay down a big hit or two early in the game so that the Montreal receivers are thinking about getting smacked in the mouth everytime they run those intermediate routes over the middle.