Shultzie Says... Tabbies By 9

Chris Schultz picks the Cats to win by 9 the same spread he picks Montreal to beat Toronto

Schultie's Picks

he was 0-4 last week. I don't take his pick for much. It will be a good game and I believe we can come out on top. Start strong, finish strong

I know we can win this game, but by 9? I think it will be a close game and we will prove to all of our critics that we can beat anyone in this league!

Here`s hoping on both fronts! Shultz....I know nothin

I say the 'Cats with a VERY close game.... or get blown out. I hope for the former.

I think you’re right Rusty… Cats by 3 IMO

I am hoping for a Win this game
This is a Winnable Game but Back of the my Mind
I Feel we may be in for a Let Down.

I agree Onknight. I think we may run into a little bit of a brick wall here. But I hope I am wrong and would not be surprised to see us pull out a win... The great unknown could be Arland Bruce - not only his ability to get open and score but his ability to draw defensive secondary to him leaving our other receivers open.... that may be the key to winning. :smiley: :smiley:

I see we still don't have a winning culture in the fans' minds.

Edmonton should prepare for shock and awe! Cats by two scores: 10-14 pts.

On, they have this game as a pick 'em. They see it that close.

Do you bet for actual money on that site?

Yes. Real money.

Ticats by 21

Cats by 3, Nick Setta kicks the game winning FG with under 2 minutes left, Defence comes out and stops the esks and we win.