shultz picks sask over BC???

this guy is smoking crack??..week after week he goes against BC for the reason of…the other team is hungry…another chance for ‘the world’ to get another point over shultz

link to see his picks, and vote for yours:

Gutsy call by Schultz. I think he is just picking Saskatchewan because he has to make some different calls to catch up to "the World". Who knows..maybe the Riders will win...

So did I , but.........I smoke something else.

Hey its possible, Depends on Nealon and if the coaches can use some imagination on offense.... and if they dont win at least make it close.... competetive is way better losing than getting pounded by turnovers like the last few weeks... :slight_smile:

Very interesting pick, but this isn't his first time picking against the Lions. I would have to disagree with Schultz, as I am taking my home team Lions to win (by about 10 points). Printers has a lot to prove against the Riders as it will be his first start of the season with notice. With us beating some good teams, I don't see our first loss coming this Saturday in Regina. I mean hey, you never know. I just thought his reasoning for picking Saskatchewan was quite unprofessional. I would love to see him get that result wrong. All I can say is he can keep on picking against the Lions, but It's bit him in the ass more than once this season.

Remember the 1989 EDMONTON ESKS.........nothing is a sure thing.

Never said anything is a sure thing. What is a sure thing is that the Lions are 8-0, and Schultz, as of now, looks very stupid picking against the Lions. Look at his record this year picking games, not very good. Go Lions, prove that BC naysayer wrong.

i thought i heard dickenson was starting

on any given day? Who thought that the ARGOS would beat EDMONTON at home, 2 times in a row, this year and last year?

Who thought that MONTREAL would be in 3rd in the EAST, at this time?

You never know?

B.C. , may be over confident........SASK........need to turn their season around.........NOW............and they may have some injuried players back.

It is never that easy to win in , SASK............

For B.C...........D.D. may be starting.....his injury was not that serious.

Chris is nuts if he thinks the Leos are going to lose!

Not impossible for Rider win. Stranger things have happened before in the CFL. Riders won 4 previous home games against BC. Bye week might help Riders to bounce back. Riders may be more desperate and motivated while complacency could be starting in BC. If BC is to lose a game this season, it should probably occur when lions are on the road. Last week, underdogs won 3 of 4 games.

I can see it now.
Riders win,and all the rider fans are on the wagon again.
Then next week you will lose to the bombers,and everyone will fall off again.

Dickenson won’t be starting, nor will he play. Riders won’t be getting Dominguez or Davis back for this game. Printers is starting for the Leos, and there’s no chance they will be complacent. The thing about this Lions group is they are not overconfident. If they didnt’ overlook Hamilton at home, don’t count on them overlooking the Riders in Regina.

It's gonna be a good game, that's certain. The Riders need to win, and BC wants to win. O'Day is back, which will help, but BC is on a roll. I picked BC, but I really hope I'm wrong!

Anything can happen in the CFL. I'm a huge Lions fan but I am cautious in saying t's a gimme for the Lions. My reasoning being that the Lions don't seem to play well at Taylor Field, Printers is getting his first start without anyone really pushing him and the Riders seem to play well against the Lions despite their record and if the wind at TF is going to be a factor with O'Mahoney struggling on field goals right now.

That being said, the Lions are far superior on paper but the game is played on the field. I'll be there cheering for the Lions so all better go well.

If a healthy Dickenson was starting, then Schultz would be wrong yet again. Going into this game, if Printers continues to read defenses in Braille (what’s that I’m feeling? Oh yeah, pain. Damn, forgot to run, roll out on the option, and get rid of the ball before it permanently attaches to my hand), then Schultz may be on to something. I’m not saying that the Lions can’t win in Regina with Printers starting, I’m just saying it will be a whole lot tougher.

…his record for the season is 25-12 which puts him tied for fifth place in our own Virtual Grey Cup run by Big Dave…that’s pretty good in most people’s books…as far as his comments, they’re his own, not endorsed by TSN, so you can’t really say it was unprofessional of him, besides, I read his comments, his one of Calgarys’ chances against the boatmen too, and didn’t find anything offensive about them…you need to get thicker skin man if you want to survive as King of the Mountain…

Hey I'm tied for 5th

25-12 seems like a good record, but the world (which is any average joe logging on) has a better record than Chris “The Big Man” Schultz. The World has 27 wins. His logic in picking the Riders makes semi-sense, but him saying there’s a strong possibility that they’ll have Dominguez and Davis back for this game is news to me. I don’t mind him, or anybody picking against the Lions. There’s a real possibility that the streak will end in Regina. All i’m saying is I’m quite surprised he is picking against us again. You’d think he would have learned the first few times. My logic would be to keep picking the Lions until they lose, not picking against them and have them keep steamrolling over the rest of the CFL.

Thicker skin? I think to be a fan of any CFL team, you need thick skin. Lions have been criticized tons, just as every other team. I am not offended by anything Schultz or anyone else says about the Lions. All I’m saying is I’m surprised that he picked the Riders. If that means I don’t have thick skin, I guess I don’t then (and wouldn’t want it).

if hewas lookin for a game to get a point back, he shoulda taken montreal to beat edmonton...he has a better chance of that happening then sask. over BC.

or even if he picked the stamps over toronto...