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but for each team you have to adjust your style.
against the argos 3-4 there are certain things that will be successful.
when we play calgary we'll see what gameplan we'll go with.
with winnipeg their strength is their front 7 and if you get the protection this would the game you can beat what i think is a weak secondary.
#1 though you do have to establish a running game for the options to be effective.

Williams is one of the most important players in football. The high quality back up qb. He could easily start in this league but, as Caulley does with the running game, he gives this team extreme depth. I look forward to seeing him come in and establish scoring drives. They are both awesome qbs and we should keep them both. Beetlejuice is right again.

Beetlejuice wrote:
" the entire team played well last night. I have no reason to believe that they would not have done just as well had printers been healthy and played. richie played well and printers can play even better. The backup does not become the starter because he wins a game, he solidifies his backup position and makes it easier for the team to switch, pull, sit or rest the starter. Its a long way from printers losing his starting job to richie even if they ride richie as long as he is hot before putting printers back in. People will try to start a controversy but the coaches have to avoid it, its hurt the argos a lot this year.

Beets is wise.

Nice post.

Cap’n: Wrong premise here.
Why would he have “no reason to believe the rest of the team would not play the same way for Printers etc”?
Teams DO play differently for different QB’s. Plays are called differently. Each QB reacts differently after each snap.
So how can you conclude the same result would have occurred? Maybe Casey would have put more points on the board. Maybe he would have put less.
All we know for sure is that Ritchie led a team to a convincing victory with the biggest number of points we have scored in a game for 9 years.
I think Ritchie deserves to start next week because he has moved this team well. If, like the Casey-led team, there is regression the next game, then put Casey back in.
This has nothing to do with this overblown notion that the #1 QB deserves to go back in right away and continue his 1-5 record. If we were 6-1 I could see the wisdom.
This team looked better last night than it ever has this season. Its worth leaving Ritchie in for at least one more game. We need another quick win to stay in the race!

I'm convinced Williams is the QB of our FUTURE. But let him develop behind Printers more. He'd be perfect as our starter in 2010, if we can get him to stick around for then by promising him the job.

How is it a myth that starters don't lose the starting job becuase of injury? It's obviously not a rule that all coaches must follow, but it's followed often enough to make the cliche a cliche.

Like other posters, I don't care who starts from here on in - I'm just happy that, for the first time in a long time, there is a real choice.

it's just good to know there is no need to rush casey especially after thursday there is 2 more weeks between games.
don't think you can lose either way.
you start printers and he's going fine then great, if not, you know richie is ready.

I say get rid of Printers and get Bishop from Toronto.

Bishop has done more then enough to proven himself as a starter in the CFL and he just needs a chance.

I say imagine a Bishop / Williams 1 & 2. Both good QB's that are very humble and have no attitude.

They will do anything for the TEAM TO WIN!!

As for Lumsden, Save the cash!!
He's off to Edmonton in the off-season anyways. If he wanted to stay in Hamilton, he would have signed a long term deal ALREADY instead of playing out his option year.

Hamilton will be offering same or more then
any other team now or in the off season. I feel for Jeese he wants to go to a winner now. Since he only will be playing 3-4 more years anyways. And maybe he feels Hamilton isn't a team thats going to win anytime soon.

Michael Bishop has shown at least in MHO that he is not a team player and a pouter. I don't like the kind of dynamic that brings to the dressing room.

Remember Casey Printers was out of the CFL for 3 years. The half year he had last year is a write off as far as I'm concerned. He is a pure athlete and as he learns the system and develops his relationships with his receivers he performances will improve. Having Richie as a backup is a lovely option right now. Michael Bishop can go back to the arena league as far as I'm concerned, or better yet, stay with the Argos and create discension in their locker room.

Can we please end this nonesense?

You need two good QB's to win in the CFL. We now have two good QB's. Bob can afford to pay them both their current salary. And no one on the team seems to be griping about Printers' salary. I also bet that when Printers comes back from injury, he will be playing better because he knows that his starting job could go to Williams if he plays poorly.

Another thing to consider: if we cut Printers before September to save money, maybe another team we are competing with for a playoff spot (i.e. Winnipeg)picks him up, and it bites us in the butt.

3 of the final four teams last year only needed 1 good QB. (B.C was the odd team out there). and the 2 teams in the GreyCup had only used 1 QB for the whole season (until the grey cup for Winnipeg}.

Saskatchewan won the grey cup last year and Crandell had nothing to do with it.

Toronto finished a top the Eastern Conference last year and none of their backup QB's did anything to contribute.

Winnipeg won 11 games last year and went to the grey cup and the backups had nothing to do with that either,

It really is the Hamilton way...

How did Winnipeg fare in the Grey Cup when their starting quarterback went down?

I felt cheated out of a legitimate competition in the Grey Cup last year. Dinwiddie was totally ineffective and Saskatchewan wins the cup. The Bombers never had a chance.

You DO need two good quarterbacks for insurance. If we did not have Richie, what would've happened when Casey went down? Same thing with Caulley filling in for Lumsden. There's no need for us to get rid of anybody in the number 1 and 2 positions at qb and rb.

But we do that. I doesn't take much for us to say "send him packing" because we've got someone else now.

Rod Black's words are still clear in my head after this week "The Ryan Dinwiddie experiment is over". One wrong step and the once beloved back up is now the goat in people's minds. I hope it doesn't happen to Williams but the tides change quickly. Let's keep our top players.

You contradict yourself here. Start Williams who has the hot hand because Printers is injured. I agree with you there.

If Williams stumbles bring in Printers because he has had time to think about it…what?

If Printers is 100% healthy he starts. Having Williams playing allow us not to rush Printers back too early. Same can be said for Lumsden. I can’t tell you how important it is and how relieve I am that we have skilled back ups at the QB and RB position, probably for the first time in 20 years.

Enjoy the luxury we have at the moment to start a Williams and a Cauley.

I don’t think Printers was healthy even before the injury, he struggled when trying to break containment, I would not be surprised if he has some kind of nagging leg injury, he just has not ran or thrown at all like I know Casey can. I think there is more to Casey’s injuries and starting that just his thumb and I am thankful we have Williams and Cauley playing well, or we would see an injured Printers and Lumsden playing…and that would not be best for the club.

I think Casey is having trouble with his confidence and dosn't look in control out there. We would be wise to give these two guys all the time they need. We went a long time when we couldn't find one good QB now we have two maybe three.

When I started this thread all I wasn't questioning Casey's ability or anything else. All I was saying is that Richie has always looked good back there and they seem to really like Porter. So with that thought from a BUSINESS point of view, does it make sense since we are rebuilding to have Richie in there, cut the Printers salary and maybe pick up some pieces to the puzzle that will make us a contender?

I think Schultz might be on to something here. Not saying it is going to happen but it's certainly a possibility and one that needs to be considered for the betterment of the team. It's a combination of things here that are adding up to a possible release of Printers. Injuries, high cost, lost the team's confidence, and, most important, he's not Obie's guy. The other big issue her is Lumsden. Lumsden is more valuable to the Tiger Cats right now than Printers is not only from football skills but from a MARKETING perspective. They need to sign Lumsden and that will mean a chunk of money that will have to come from somewhere. If the coaches feel they lose nothing with Williams and see him as their future than why not move him into the No.1 position and use the money to build up the team around him with quality players. Like I said, I'm not saying it's going to happen, but if it did, I would not be surprised. I like Printers, but this is afteral, a business. I don't think the Cats want to make the same mistake with Printers as they did with Maas.

Thank you for yor insite and staying on topic