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I believe Chris Shultz brought up an interesting point on FF today in questioning Printers status with the team. If the Cats release him they save 200G that is a lot of dough with Jesse's contract up for renewal. Williams has done well last year and this year and seems to be getting even more comfortable.

Williams should get the start in Peg and if the Cats win the brass has 2 weeks to decide the future.

why does it matter that Jesse's contract is up. id rather spend the money on printers.

If we release Printers and Jesse, we'll have lots of money.

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Walt Disney just called. He's looking for people with an imagination.

Zig.. ouch

That would be money wasted. AS for Jesse, I'd wager he jums to the Blue Team next year. Just a hunch is all

Walt Disney just called. He's looking for people with an imagination.
Can't send them our OC then!!

Can't send them our OC then!!

8) And the nonsence and idiocy keeps on coming !!!

You dont give up your starting quarterback because your backup plays a great game. In this league you need a couple good QBs due to injuries, that will occur. Lets keep our players. Thats how championship teams are formed!!

Both Schultz and Hogan said the Cats were a different team under Wms than Printers. They play looser. They said that starters not losing their jobs when injured is a myth which opens the door for Wms to continue to start even after Printers is 100%. Both thought that Wms deserved the next start.

I agree with them.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, Barney

It is a myth that starters dont lose their job to injury. You can bet Printers, knows that. I believe Printers knows that if he doesnt perform, he will get replaced by Ritchie.

I think you have to give Printers the next start but on a very short leash. He could easily be replaced in the second half by Williams if he doesn`t bring it.

I think you have to give Printers the next start but on a very short leash. He could easily be replaced in the second half by Williams if he doesn`t bring it.
I would like to suggest that the team starts Williams rather than Printers against the Bombers. Right now, he has the hot hand and Printers has a sore one. If Williams stumbles, you bring in Printers, who has had enough time to think about it, and you just might see an improved Printers.

the entire team played well last night. I have no reason to believe that they would not have done just as well had printers been healthy and played. richie played well and printers can play even better. The backup does not become the starter because he wins a game, he solidifies his backup position and makes it easier for the team to switch, pull, sit or rest the starter. Its a long way from printers losing his starting job to richie even if they ride richie as long as he is hot before putting printers back in. People will try to start a controversy but the coaches have to avoid it, its hurt the argos a lot this year.

Beets is wise.

Nice post.

Thanks cap. I think the best part of richie doing well is that he appears to completely know his role and accept it. He is not going to pout and whine when the time comes to sit back down and let casey start.

casey too played a perfect game also against the argos.
the gameplan of using the option/short pass was effective for both qb's and it showed in the toronto games as well as the sask game.

And I think he knows that with more reps and oppurtunitites that he will become a valuable commodity in this league and will eventually earn a starters job somewhere in the CFL.

I enjoy watching that process unfold as a young player matures, gets better and has success. That's what we're witntessing with Richie right now. It's nice, isn't it?

i like richie's demeanour , maybe danny mac is rubbing off on him in that way too.

Yes, Casey and Richie have both played well.

After the Jason Maas era it's nice to see that the QB issue not being a major concern any more.

Ritchie has different throwing mechanics compared to Casey. Nonetheless, both styes work well. Nice to see Casey in the booth with Marcel watching the offensive play calling unfold. I like the run that sets up the pass.

Gotta agree...the offence does seem to be a lot looser while Richie is in there. Casey seemed to be playing really tight and tentative. He seemed to be dropping back in the pocket 70% of the time and was constantly under pressure. He just seemed to too tentative to run the ball the last couple games he played and I think it cost him. He's not a pocket passer....he's much more effective using the sprint option. I also noticed with Richie last night, when he went away from the sprint option plays and dropped back the D was right on him.
These QB's have to play to their strengths....use their quick feet, sprint out options and keep the D off track. :cowboy: