shultz is an idiot

from his tsn article
"Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Who would have thought that Winnipeg would be winning? This has been the best story of the season. The leadership of head coach Doug Berry, defensive coordinator Greg Marshall, and offensive coordinator Mike Gibson; the influence and ability of Barron Miles; the personality of Charles Roberts; the intelligence of Milt Stegall; most significantly, the progressive development of Keven Glenn - it's all come together for the Bombers. I picked Winnipeg for last in the East - easy, I thought. I underestimated GM Brendan Taman's ability to bring the players in, and the players' ability to perform. Still, with ten weeks to go, a sincere pat on the back has to go to the Bombers organization. It has been fun to watch."

who knew baron miles helped us out so much!

Winipeg isn't winning yet, need Glenn/Stegail back, then we will be on track to getting 5 more wins, and the playoffs.

schultz... forgot the c oops

so, what in all this makes him an idiot??

I was wondering the same thing!

barron miles does not even
play for us.

Blackie, you are so tough. I think he meant Barrin Simpson., that is pretty's like his goof up last week where he said the based on the ticats 2-6 record, they would have to win 6 of their next ten game to break even....thats a record of 8-10, not very even...

...Barrin Miles....Barrin Simpson....all the same to Schultzie.....kind of explains why he's behind the dog in the pick some proof reading Schultz 8) :lol:

Shultz is indeed an idiot…just feels so good saying it…nice post Blackdale, Baron Miles…hahahahahaaaaaa…haa…

Shultz in not an idiot, but those who say he is are demented, so there

Like none of your morons ever had a slip of the tongue or typo or brief brain fart. I swear some of you make it your mission in life to find things to be critical about others. Since when were you all so perfect?

Its like you need to be able to say someone else is an idiot in order to feel better about yourselves.

Shultz is deliciously stupid

How do you know it was a slip of toungue or brainfart, just maybe he believes Barrin Miles plays for the Bombers... demented posters do slip, but were not working for leave us out of it...

You would expect a "journalist" to read himself over. Nuff said.

invite me to your job so I can watch you all day and see if you make any mistakes.

No ! :lol:

didnt think so :twisted: :slight_smile: :lol:

Two major gaffs, two weeks in a row....doesn't exactly ring as a slip of the tongue to me.....

Maybe all of those on-field concussions are finally starting to catch up to Schultz. Either that or he's planning on going as this guy for Hallowe'en..

well, I like him, and I will defend him, no matter how wrong he is, so there :thup: :rockin: