Shrum Bowl is back

UBC and SFU have just announced the Shrum bowl is back for the next two years. This year at SFU and 2023 at UBC. Both universities thanked Amar Doman and the BC Lions for their support in getting it up and running again. Good news for all football fans in BC.

(My apologies to the ops of this site if theirs a category for Canadian University football as I did look and couldn’t find one. Feel free to move my post if theirs one.)


That's great news. Actually I just made a USports Football thread today, but I'll leave this one here and add a similar post to that one.

More evidence that Doman is effecting positive changes in BC.

“The B.C. Lions organization is excited and proud to help spearhead the return of an outstanding football tradition for our province,” said Doman.

“A major pillar of our brand is the support we give to all levels of amateur football. Putting our name behind the Shrum Bowl revival and watching the next generation of great SFU and UBC players pursuing their professional dreams will be an exciting addition to our growing football calendar and provide yet another outlet to honour the great history of both schools’ football programs.”


Great move by Doman & company. It's hard not to feel great about what he's doing for football in BC. Kudos, Amar!


Yes , thanks Dave for posting this. Such a great move and again Doman donated some $50,000 to help the programs-=SFU and UBC. Part of his branding of the BC Lions.
SFU plays American football with 4 downs and UBC plays Canadian football.
They will alternate the rules every year. So for those of you who think this is nigh impossible it is not. Football is football. Doman may be the most dynamic owner the CFL has ever seen along with Bob Young of course.

I would hope there would be some tv coverage for this event.

Oh. It's football related.

I thought 'Shrum Bowl' had something to do with mushrooms. The psychedelic kind. Silly me.

Still... I'd watch a university game (Spring Break related) played by 'Shroom Heads'. They'd be the most laid back football players ever.

We'd tune in to see 24 players crawling around the field with little baggies in their hands (been there, done that, ain't doing it again). Truly a sad sight if they're on artificial turf. Meanwhile back to the topic...

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