Shrine Game on Saturday

The annual all star game is being held at the University of Houston on Jan. 17, 2009.I believe TSN has the coverage on Saturday afternoon ( 4:00 PM ?) There are two Canadian linemen playing. Simeon Rottier- 6'6" 286 OT Alberta. Etienne Le'gare' - 6'4" 265 DL Laval
The TiCats could draft one or both with the 1st. and 3rd. picks in the first round of the CFL Draft. I'm sure many of us are curious to see how they match up against their American counterparts. Hopefully they'll get more playing time than Barker and Giguere got last year.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Looking forward to watching Pat

I don't think that we will be able to get both. I think the Argos will snatch up one of those guys.

It will be intersting to say the least.

Simeon Rottier- 6'6" 286 OT Alberta. I think may lean that way ..

Look for #65 Simeon Rottier playing for the West and #66 Etienne Legare playing for the East.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7) :slight_smile:

I thought Rottier performed okay. A couple of times the DE he was blocking came very close to sacking the West QB, but didn't. Rottier looks like he will become a good pass blocker but will have to get stronger in the upper body. He moves around well.
Legere didn't get as much playing time but he looks like he has all the tools to play in the CFL eventually.

The rankings may change after the combine in Toronto but I think right now Rottier, Jamal Lee and Legere are rated 1-2-3. I believe Hamilton has the 1st and 3rd picks with Toronto having 2nd and 4th.

I watched the fourth quarter of the East West Shrine Game.

Simeon Rottier played left offensive tackle for the West throughout the fourth quarter. He was up against defensive end Stryker Sulak (Missouri- All Big 12 Second Team) for one set of downs and defensive end Matt Shaughnessy (Wisconsin- All Big 10 Honourable Mention) for the all other West offensive plays in the fourth quarter. He played well in pass blocking and did not allow a quarterback sack but, as Double Blue noted, Shaughnessy came close to getting a sack on one or two occasions. He has good mobility and gets downfield quite quickly. He did not have much of an opportunity at run blocking because the West was trailing in the last quarter and passed most of the time. However, he did successfully execute a chop block on Shaughnessy during a running play in the last few minutes of the game.

Due to focusing on Rottier, I did not observe the performance of defensive lineman Etienne Legare. Good to read Double Blue's comments about Legare in the previous post.

Good Canadian left offensive tackles are hard to find. Rottier is a strong candidate for the number 1 overall choice in the 2009 CFL Canadian Draft.

He played great against good opposition. close means nothing especialy at left tackle. He's probably locked first spot in the draft.

As far as the rankings, they don't take into account NCAA players. Just an opinion but I think Eric Fraser will be drafted way ahead of Jamal Lee. I see Jamal Lee as a second round pick. I see the top 10 looking something like this.

Eric Lee

We would be wise taking Rottier with 1 and Carlson with 3.

Is Legare capable of getting sacks at the pro level, or will he just be another Jermaine Reid if we pick him?

I'm not sure we need Fraser, because we alreadt have Barker and Manning.

I can see us taking Rottier #1, then either RB Lee or MLB Tristan Black at #3, unless a trade creeps into the picture.

Rottier is a no brainer unless the Ticats decide to trade it. I think a lot will depend on how the team fares one the FA market. There are a lot of good olinesmen still unsigned at least publicly but we are still a month away.

Also if you look at what Ob did last year. Kept his first pick, traded his second pick and took a future with his third pick. Will he do something similar? Watkins has not reupped with Montreal, while Popp and Trestman like him very much. I am not certain Watkins wishes to extend...This could be a good deal if Bellefeuille can convince Watkins to extend.

I think the top olinesmen will come off the board rather quickly. Both Hamilton and Toronto have serious weaknesses at the position. Saskathewan and Montreal both have a couple elder statesmen. BC stands to lose Murphy and Winnipeg stands to lose Gauthier and Picard.

As far as drafting a Dlinesman, history has shown that very few NI end up making an impact at the position see Kashama...Once the Olinesen are off the table this draft his deep with defensive backs who can also contribute on special teams.

The NFL seems to be noticing CIS players now (Colts have 2 CIS players), so that could keep these guys out of the CFL too.

After watching Rottier on Saturday, I think he will get a free agent NFL contract.

Long arms, good feet, and tall, the NFL will put some more weight on him. Seems to have a mean streak too; took a nice right hook on a defensive end in one play. Could make a NFL practise roster next year as they develop his talent.

If Rottier agent tries get NFL Deal the Ticats should trade down..
Pick another pick or player who can make a Impact now.
We can not afford to wait for someone like did Sam last year.

NO, no, no....Its ok to take a "future or NFL prospect" even with your first pick when you have 3 of the top 10 picks. Just don't trade picks...Take Rottier with your first pick then with the third get a Carlson, Morencie or Steebergen. That's the beauty of showing up at the table with riches...

Simeon Rottier reminded me of Ralph Scholz. He is a big raw-boned tackle with good strength and speed downfield.He played at least half the game while Legare got much less playing time . Legare played defensive end and showed some quickness.His style is reminiscent of McKay Loesher.
Rottier will probably get some NFL looks but I agree with previous views that if he is the best player, TiCats should take him.
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