Shreveport Pirates

Walk of life:

Purple cheerleaders too


great video

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Great video. Hard to believe how many years have passed since

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A young Joe Montford broke into the league with Shreveport in 1995. I think I also caught Reggie Barnes in that video if Iā€™m not mistaken (#19 rb).

Surprised that there were a couple half decent looking crowds in some of those shots. Stadium reminded me of Ivor Wynne.

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It is a wonder they decided Shreveport would be capable of supporting a CFL team .

Glieberman's dreams of pro football were heavily against this project working as well as the

Small Population , storm season weather etc... .... were against it .


Not to mention Forrest Gregg and John Huard.

Training camp accommodations were above a barn :laughing:


What the heck is wrong with Forrest Gregg?!

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Great photo of Gregg and the Pirates sidelines at Frank Clair stadium .

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