Shreveport Pirates

I recently purchased a shreveport pirates helmet with the number #17 on it. Ive searched the net to try and find out who wore this number but i couldn’t come up with anything…can anyone here tell me whos helmet it was???


It could be the QB, I believe it was Billy Joe Toliver. Who was in the No Fun League as well.

Ya thats who i was thinking of also, just could find any concrete evidence of it....kind of wierd that i can't find ANYTHING on the 95' roster of Shreveport.

Thanks for the reply though!

The number was on the helmet?

Ah, Shreveport, if the Saints relocate, hey should relocate there, methinks, and the "Hornets" should stay in New Orleans (Oklahoma City should get an NHL team, like the Ducks).

If the Saints relocate to San Antonio, LA, or anywhere else in real life, I'll relocate them to Shreveport in My Madden and ***** abou why they aren't in Shreveport.

life is good. :mrgreen:

........ah yes, that hotbed of hockey activity, Oklahoma City.......

they could do it, they and Birmingham would be a lot better than a city like Phoenix, Atlanta, Anaheim, and Miami. Where there is a lot of competition beteew the other pro teams

in OC and Birmingham, there is none of that, and people will hopefully wake up and say "OH, WE HAVE A PRO TEAM NOW, WE'RE ON THE MAP, YEAH!" and come to the games.

ya the number 17 is on the helmet…its definitely the game used helmet from 95’, but i just can’t find the roster for the 95’ Pirates…go figure!

The Ducks should relocate to somewhere like........Winnipeg, Quebec City or Hamilton.

Phoenix to Winnipeg
New Jersey to QC (they still have the Rangers)
Florida to Birmingham
Anaheim to Oklahoma City

Islanders (or relocate to Oregon)
Hurricanes (or relocate to Houston)

You'll never see an American NHL team relocate to Canada. Bettman wouldn't allow it.

then the NHL should get rid of Bettman.

Big Dave: You’re right. He probably wouldn’t. But that doesn’t change that it should happen. It is very unfortunate that he wouldn’t allow it.