Showdown between the Lions and Calgary Nov 18

I can't wait for the Lions to meet Calgary in BC Place next week. I'm sure Calgary will give the Lions a run for their money and who knows what could happen? Next week with "neophyte*" Tate pitted against Lulay, the Lions Harris against Cornish, the LIons receiving corp against the Stampeders receivers and Taylor pitted against the Lions Brown. Wow!

*I used the term neophyte in the context of playoff experience and amount of play during the current season. Compared to Lulay, Tate is a neophyte.

Calgary literally owned the Lions in Calgary the last time the two teams met. Calgary has a long memory and I'm sure they've not forgotten. However, although the scored was lopsided, the Lions did have an opportunity to pull the game out at the beginning of the 4th quarter if I recall. It wasn't meant to be.

Calgary is also faced with the prospect of coming into BC Place where they lost both times this season. One game was pretty much a blow out. Will they remember this....and so will the Lions.

Both teams were almost even in QB sacks during the season so that should prove to be interesting for Lulay and Tate. My dream is to see a Lions/Argos Grey Cup. So good. :rockin:

An aside.....

Will Cornish be able to keep his pants on during the next game? It was like he was wearing slidable hip huggers. He'd make a great plumber. lol Could it be that he intentionally wore his pants like this because the game was against SSK? We're never going to know will we? lol but he's a clever sort of guy. I wouldn't put it past him. At one point his pants AND his shorts almost slid down to his knees. It seemed there was no urgency to pull them up real fast. lol It seemed he was having to pull them after every carry. I guess it doesn't matter. It won't affect the outcome of the game next week.

Well that sure isn't my dream. . . nor would it be the CFL's dream.

Can you imagine the negative press in Toronto, about the Braley Bowl? Two teams owned by the same guy, the Ricky Ray trade, all that. . . it would be nauseating the negativity we'd see about the CFL. Far better for the CFL that either Calgary knocks off BC or that Montreal prevails over Toronto. Far better.

Oh good heavens Madjack. I can't agree with that at all. If there is negative press then the guys responsible are grinches.

Rick Ray has already been highlighted on how he has made such a difference for the Argos. I don't think the 50,000+ fans at the Grey Cup are going to give a hoot who the teams' owners are, or in this case who the teams' owner is. I think Toronto fans will be ecstatic seeing their team in the Grey Cup and more ecstatic having a shot at last year's Grey Cup champions. Regardless, I would think there would be even more electricity in the air when the city hosting the Grey Cup actually has its own team in the Grey Cup. Just my opinion.

The negative press comes from a couple of idiots in Toronto and they're going to be negative no matter who's there. I don't care who they play as long as my Argos win. I'm not holding my breathe they make it past the Als, but I still have my fingers crossed. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :rockin:

You must really be jubilant dcmoses. You were expecting the Argos to lose against the Esks. I was anticipating the Argos to take it the Esks. They did, although had poor young Nichols not gotten injured the outcome might have been different.

In 2011, BC losted big at Hamilton but rebounded to win the grey cup. Similarly, big loss at Calgary may help to better prepare BC against complacency and Calgary. Calgary hasn't won at Vancouver for years. So far, home favourites are 37-15 (moneyline) in 2012 CFL.

There are times in life when one is happy to be wrong. This would be one of those times. East final Als by 10. I'll be even happier to be wrong next week. 8)

The people who would negatively report on that story cough, cough, Rogers are going to negatively report anyways. The good thing is, we have the choice to ignore it, and with no NHL, I am sure that Rogers is getting used to being ignored now....

"There are times in life when one is happy to be wrong. This would be one of those times. East final Als by 10. I'll be even happier to be wrong next week. " dcmoses

I'm going to go out on a limb on this one and predict an Argos victory. I think they're peeking at the right time and I believe the Als have got some problems. It may even be a squeaker but i think you'll be seeing the Argos in the Grey Cup.

Lions will crush 'em.

Calgary Dline will need to get better pressure on Lulay than they did Durant . Especially in the 2nd half,Durant had all day to throw. Calgary will be the sharper of the two teams to start the game and will need to capitalize on that in the 1st q. Will be a close game and Tate will need to play better and hopefully he is not concussed.

Nope. Unless the Stampeders bought the entire Lions roster in some unheard-of negation of every Canadian’s right to be free, self-determining citizen, they did not “literally” own the Lions. Figuratively, perhaps, but literally, no.

Good one d&p. . . "literally" means word-for-word. I've always had a problem with folks saying things like "he literally played the best game he's ever played". .. how does one play a game 'word for word' ??

Nice. :slight_smile:

Did you pick the Argos this weekend too? If you did maybe you're on a roll and I'll be wrong next Sunday too. :rockin:

It would be far worse for the CFL having Montreal in there again.

Personally, I’m so sick of seeing Montreal in the Grey Cup year after year. It’s getting old…anyone but Montreal…I’d rather see Hamilton in the Grey Cup than Montreal!

Don't really see how it's better or worse to have one team or another in the Grey Cup game. It is what it is. The championship game pits the best team in the West against the best team in the East. From the purely subjective standpoint of an Als fan, I'll be far less interested in the GC game if Montreal doesn't win the EDF, but in terms of what matchup is good for the league? Six of one, half a dozen of the other, as far as I'm concerned.

Calgary hasn't won at vancouver for years? Better check your facts, yes calgary didn't win in vancouver this year but they won in vancouver last year and swept the lions in vancouver in 2010

I would not Discount Calgary quite so quickly ... On paper BC should win this in a walk, but Calgary is peaking at the right time. We have Tate (assuming he's not concussed) and can always mix it up with Glenn to change up the pace and timing of the game. The last game against BC is not a good one to judge anything on. As I said at the time, BC took a full quarter and a half to just adjust to playing in the cold conditions and they won't have to do that at home.

Larry Taylor is back and he ALWAYS seems to have a good game in BC Place. BC hasn't played a meaningful game in WEEKS and so, "game rust" and/or complacency could set in. All season Calgary has shown a knack for winning games in the last second (no quit in this team). Keon Raymond said it best last night "we believe as long as there is time on the clock, we still have a chance to win". That mentality makes Calgary a strong opponent for anyone they face.

I think the Western Final next week should be a close game. On paper I agree BC should win this game, but I think Calgary is the team on the roll right now.